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  1. Okay...... my BIL had a meeting w/ the property manager of Chanel yesterday and he got to see bags that have yet to come out. He was in a room for buyers and celebrities. Anyway... I am so mad that he didn't invite me, he KNOWS my love for Chanel - well... I made him promise that I'd be going next time. We are in the same business, so I would not be out of place tagging along. Anyway... he didn't think to pay much attention to the bags - I COULD HAVE KILLED HIM... but he did see one w/ holograms and he saw a fabric one in a vibrant multicolor (GOD, UGH!! - I wish I was there... I would be able to describe in detail... anyway....) I just thought it would be something to look out for.....
  2. japskvit,
    I have heard that there was a new multi-color parchwork bag coming out. Red, brown, and black on one and different hues of black on another.Tell your BIL that there is a very large group of women that would like to have his head.
  3. Yes, I saw this bag in one of the Neiman Marcus catalogs. Lots of beautiful colors.
  4. Smoothoprter,
    Did you like it ?