Inside Job? UPS falsified delivery signature or gave my package to someone else

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  1. I got a call from my SA in Las Vegas that they had a pochette metis available for me. The bag was shipped UPS 2nd day air with delivery for July 5. I tracked the package all day and was really excited to see that the bag was still out for delivery as I left work. I prayed I would make home in time before it was delivered. When I got home the bag was still listed as out for delivery. I opened my front door with the screen closed and sat on my couch waiting for the delivery. I have a clear line of sight from my couch to the front door so if anyone comes up to the door to ring or knock they would clearly see me. I was home for over an hour and I would periodically refresh the tracking page to see if there were any updates. It was after 8pm and I refreshed the tracking page and it says the bag was delivered and signed for by PPP. This is not even my initial.

    I immediately call UPS customer service and told them that I have been waiting all evening with my door open and it says by item was delivered and signed for. They told me that the dispatch would call me in the morning (which they didnt). I then called my SA at LV to tell them about the situation (he's on vacation) so another SA took my information and the manager is going to call me back. UPS is investigating but I cant help but think the driver stole my package and falsified the delivery signature. I've called back UPS and they said the investigation takes up to 8 days. I plan to call the LV store again to talk to a manager.

    I've never had anything like this happen to me. I have items shipped with delivery signature and had no problems. LV should really change shippers because UPS is the worse.
  2. Nah. I don't think UPS falsified signiture. Rather he delivered it to the wrong address and someone signed for it. I've had this before where postman had delivered to a house with same street name but in the next village. Its a pain to sort out but you should get the item you ordered eventually. The UPS man made a boo boo of a mistake.
  3. Yes, I agree with Missydora. This happened to me as well. I had a package that said it was delivered and signed for,
    and it was delivered to the wrong address. This is probably what happened. I hope they can fix it for you soon. I can imagine how frustrating it must be to pay for something so expensive, anticipate its arrival, and then have it not show up. I feel for you.
  4. Is there stated that the sender is LV? I've got other person's tracking code previously.
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  5. Yes, the name and location of the store is on the email tracking with delivery to my home address.
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  6. Oh boy here we go, another UPS thread title drama.

    Just wait until LV and UPS finish the investigation. Mistakes happen. Don't jump into conclusion so soon. You'll get your money or bag back when everything is sorted out. Good luck and update us with the (factual) outcome!
  7. Yes. Yes. Yes.
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  8. I've ordered LV online as well as bought while on vacay and have it shipped to my home state. It usually doesn't blatantly says "Louis Vuitton" as the sender. Mine always has LVMH as the sender or it'll just list the store # as the sender. I think this is to protect your packages from being targeted.

    I don't think the UPS guy "stole" your package, probably an honest mistake. Whether or not the person that signed for it is honest or not is a different story. Either way, you'll get your money back. You can always do a fraud claim with your CC.
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  9. ups did have issue with one or a few of their drivers stealing sneakers. or maybe it was FedEx. anywho, hopefully you will get your bad.
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  10. Weird. I had the same thing happened to me with a LV delivery a few months ago. Around 8pm the tracking showed “delivered” but the delivery truck never made it to my house (like you I was home with my front door open, etc). The package was actually delivered the next day. Nothing was wrong with it. I have no idea what happened. UPS had no explanation to provide.

    I hope your situation gets solved!
  11. FedEx usually delivers my LV packages ordered online. I've only ordered from a store once and I can't remember who the delivery company was. Two of the recent items I've ordered online have sent me a notification that my package was "incorrectly sorted" in New Jersey (same place both times) and that there might be a delay with my delivery. The first time it happened there was a delay, and I was a bit annoyed because I had paid the extra for the overnight shipping! I didn't get that refunded to me, because according to LV it was not their fault. No big deal I guess, I still got the package, only 3 days later than it was supposed to be here. The second time I was amazed that it had happened AGAIN, but even with the incorrect sorting I still got the package on time. I have had both UPS and the USPS claim to have delivered packages that I never received, though. It's why I don't like to use either one of them. :sad:
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  12. I hope this gets resolved really soon for you. And you are well within your rights to suspect theft. Unfortunately this is the society we live in. It is likely that it is still on the truck and the lazy driver did not make time to deliver. My niece is a manager at ups and she said this is common but unacceptable. She said she and other managers now randomly inspect trucks periodically to catch this. Ups is getting bodied by fedex right now because their business model is outdated and they are drowning.
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  13. I'm thinking it was probably delivered and signed for by the wrong person. All you really need to do is scribble on their electronic pad thing to sign for a package. Hopefully if that happened, once the person who signed for it realizes they didn't order it they will call UPS and report a wrongly delivered package. But there are so many unscrupulous people out there, they may just keep it and not say anything. I'm sure the UPS driver isn't going to turn himself in for making a mistake, either.

    If it was paid for by credit card, I'm sure the money will be refunded if the package never shows up. Both LV and UPS have insurance for this type of thing, and credit card companies are really good at standing up for their customers.
  14. Spot on. Hoping the bag arrives soon!
  15. Hmmm, sounds like the driver may have "mortgaged" the days' quota of work. I have heard about cases where delivery was time-sensitive and the tracking will show delivered but in fact was not- the package magically appears the next day. Just sayin'- it could be a way to get around the on-time delivery guarantee some carriers boast about.

    At least the item arrived safe and sound so I guess no harm no foul but it is annoying.