Inside info from a SA (I think)

  1. So I was visiting one of the Coach stores today and talking to 2 of the SAs about bags of course etc etc and so one of them who was very very sweet said (whispers) all of the legacy 07 stuff is going to the outlet next week. Thought I would pass this along, I am on a serious ban until I get a gift card or something but maybe if there is something someone is looking for then they can find it at the outlet. I was seriously thinking of getting the khaki ebony french framed purse wallets but I held it up to my ali today and it just didn't do it for me like I thought it would. I am leaning more toward the grass wallet or maybe if I can find it in Pond at some point, IDK. I think a khaki sig wallet would get dirty easily. Anyway, HTH someone
  2. hmmm, wonder what they will be releasing then????
  3. :wtf::nuts::nuts::wtf:

    Thanks for the tip!!
  4. ohhh whatt really!? my
    mom just sold a house
    soo yay! she said she
    would take me to the
    outlet too and i could
    pick something out :yahoo:
  5. Ahhh!!! That is awesome! Thanks for the great news!
  6. My SA mentioned stuff would be going as well, but not exactly what.
  7. tons of stuff
  8. Near the beginning or end of the week? I can go either Tues or Thrus but only one day so I don't want to go too early and miss it..
  9. So if I go tomorrow, I will miss out on all the good stuff next week? But I have been planning this trip for days and DH won't be able to drive me there next week. Oh no.
  10. yeah they re not there yet
  11. would u be able 2 give us any more specific info on what stuff is going to the outlets?

  12. everything that is not on the website anymore basically
  13. Oh, just imagine!

    I am so excited for next week...all the lovely reveals!!

    Have fun, girls! I am SO jealous of those of you who will get to go on an outlet adventure!!!
  14. Oh, I SO have to stay out of there! I need to go and pick up my punch agenda that I've had on hold for over a week, and I'm going to exchange the signature checkbook wallet I got, because I found the embossed one in red. I just know I'm going to see something I love, but I have to stop buying!
  15. Yay i was planning on exchanging for something at the outlets. I can't wait to go! Does anyone know the exact date the new shipment will be in? And what do you think will be in? I really don't remember what is not on the coach website anymore.