Inside Evora MM Ebene...

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  1. #1 Sep 19, 2012
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    Hi laides, I am wondering if anyone has pics of the inside of their Evora MM, I browsed through the Evora threads, and seen a couple, but nothing that will show me what the date code is supposed to look like? Also I notice there is a tag inside on the there a close up of that? Thanks for your help.
    Does this look like a legitimate date code?? Thanks
    Image 4 - Version 2.jpg
  2. Just took some pics of the inside of my evora mm for ya

    Date code is on right hand side when you are facing the bag
    D-ring is on the opposite side of date code

    There are 2 patch pockets on the same side as the Louis Vuitton Paris made in tag...

    Hth :smile:
    image-2834084370.jpg image-3270614947.jpg image-1809260980.jpg image-2975546924.jpg
  3. The date code doesn't look right in your pic

    Why don't you post in authenticate thread
  4. Lettering is not right and leather piece looks thicker
  5. thanks ladies, thats what I was thinking, it looks "off". A trusted seller so I was hoping it was authentic. I guess for a slightly used Evora MM selling for $ 700...I should know its too good to be true? *sigh* thanks for your help. I love your bags!!