Inside Brookhaven Obesity Clinic

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  1. Anyone else watch this? It's such a fascinating show.

    It annoys me so much when some patients insist on cheating on their diets. And it absolutely amazes me why Robert Kolman won't kick those people out. They're obviously not trying, so why not free up some space for someone who actually wants to help themselves?
  2. I don't think it shows here in Mexico.. but I agree. If they're cheating and not even really trying, let some people who are willing to take their place! Nothing annoys me as much as seeing people waste fantastic opportunities just for being stubborn.
  3. There's a difference between flat-out not trying and a food addiction. If the doctors suspect an addiction, they need to work through that with the patient.

    The patient's downfall is being able to order out for food. The administrator has been quoted as saying that if a patient wants pizza, he'd rather the patient order out for it than fishing a slice of pizza out of the trash.
  4. Yeah, the patient is clearly addicted if he does that.
  5. is this a regular series? i saw one episode and thought it was really interesting.
  6. I think this show is interesting. My mom and I like to watch it.
  7. I read somewhere were they are suppose to have a "marathon" of all the shows this sunday. I'll have to check my listing.

  8. Haven't seen it yet sounds interesting though. Need something to replace my Tudors addiction.
  9. I watch this one. . . they need to prohibit food from being ordered in.
    It's like they're enabling addicts IMO.
  10. I've never seen it but it sounds interesting, what channel is it on?
  11. Sorry I didn't post earlier. It's on today .. pretty much all day on "THE LEARNING CHANNEL" (TLC):hysteric::hysteric: