Inside a luxury ligne flap!

  1. I took these pictures for someone who wanted to know how much can fit in this flap, so I wanted to post on here! It fits a lot because it's not so structured like the classic flaps. I was thinking about selling it, but I'm glad I didn't because I really do love it!

    Check out the hot wallet btw! :p



    Inside: camera, LV key cles, 2 phones, wallet, paperback book (yes that's Harry Potter! :wlae:), and my BF's wallet. It can fit a bit more too!

    btw, that's not my bed or my room. =)
  2. WOW! Love your flap and your accessories.

    Your Harry Potter book is a lot different than mine, I guess since it's the French (?) version.
  3. Gorgeous bag and that is one hot wallet:tup: Love the coin purse too!:yes:
  4. Wow its holds more than I thought!
  5. gorgeous!!! i love them!!
  6. Wow....i love ur luxe flap bag, unfortunately i didn't manage to get one of this!

    That's gd to hear that you did not sell this beauty your chanel wallet too!

    Thanks for sharing~
  7. It does fit quite a lot. Love your wallet too!
  8. cute

    I like that you have Harry Potter stuck in there lol
  9. Beautiful Flap..and accessories too:smile:
  10. Can you tell me more about the red wallet? Retail price, type of leather (lambskin?), is it durable?? I have my eye on it in brown!
  11. Great pics! :tup:
  12. That Harry Potter book is so different from the Canadian one, it's cool! I love your wallet, it's gorgeous. And don't sell your flap!
  13. Thanks for posting the pictures! I love this bag & it holds a lot of things! Is it your everyday bag?
  14. a very practical flag. may i know the price?
  15. LOve it!! i want it when it comes out again.