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  1. This is surely a problem of my keyboard but I can't fix it.
    When I wanted to link a word to a website, I used to copy the url, underline the chosen word, click on the "insert link" button and paste the link in the window.
    Now it pastes the url directly into the message, and not in the window anymore.
    Anyone can help me please?

  2. Let me try
  3. So just tried it and it works fine for me :shame:
  4. Works fine for me too :biggrin:
  5. You probably have to clear your cache and restart your browser. It may not be executing the scripts properly on your end.
  6. nope, it didn't work for me. thank you for your help anyway
  7. it works now, only if I click "paste" with the right click on the mouse - not with Ctrl+V combination.

    thank you!
  8. In the either quick reply box below or the full reply box, when you hover over any of the B, I, U or any other options, does a light blue highlight box appear? In the full normal reply screen, does the "Attachments" button appear?