Insert clever title here (reveal)

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  1. Hey Ladies, Thanks for indulging me in a little reveal. Im absolutely smitten with this bag, and LOVE its laidback style, perfect for me! :biggrin:

    I cannot describe how incredibly soft the leather is, and I still think that every MJ bag should have suede lining (or leather)

    Without further delay, and I wont tease you either here is my new.. Im not sure what its called.
  2. What is it?! What is it?! :nuts:
  3. what is that, i'm waiting
  4. Sorry! I had to resize the pics
  5. [​IMG]
  6. [​IMG]
  7. [​IMG]
  8. and because I know you'll ask

  9. [​IMG]

    Thats it! Really simple bag, But thats why I love her :heart::love:
  10. what is this bag's called? it's a beautie? is that teal? love the tassels
  11. I have no clue ant, the Pom something for sure. Its a really deep blue, I wish I had a stock photo of it. The tassels are my favorite!
  12. OMG it's so YOU!! You look adorable, BTW;) That color is incredible and it looks like the softest leather ever. Love the suede interior, too! And those tassels! Gorgeous!!
  13. Ooh, the pom pom bag!! Barms, I LOVE that color, and the suede lining looks so rich and soft. It looks to be in great condition, too. You're right, it's simple, but I like what the pom poms do for the style. Congrats, and I'm so happy to hear you love it! :heart: Clever title, btw! ;)
  14. Thanks PM! It is the softest leather ever, and super light, which I love

    It looks brand new bom, and I think the tassels are what make it, "it" you know!
  15. And a Big thanks to June for putting this in the deals, I wouldnt have seen it otherwise! :smooch:
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