insect bite on bottom of foot :( help!

  1. yesterday i was out at night for literally ten minutes and somehow i got stung by one mosquito (or some insect bite) on the bottom of my foot and it has now puffed up to a circle with a diameter of about 2.75 inches.. i had claritin and put benadryl cream plus calamine lotion plus i am resting it above chest level. it is quite painful and uncomfortable to walk and is still itching like crazy. it is also really swollen.

    i really really don't want to take benadryl medication because i need to work on a paper and need to focus. any suggestions?

    also, it is painful to flex my foot. i don't know if this is normal?

    ps the last time i was bitten by a mosquito, i had a borderline infection (according to the dr) since i scratched it so much, but this time i haven't really scratched it, yet its still really swollen :sad:
  2. Are you sure it's a mosquito bite? I have big reactions to bug bites too so I know how you feel. I have a prescription cream to put on any bug bites I get...that's how bad the effects and I have never had one on the bottom of my foot or one that acts the way yours is acting. The itching sounds like a mosquito but the pain and severe swelling sound more like a spider. I would head to the doctor if it's possible.
  3. cindi i think it's a mosquito bite though I am not sure - yesterday when i was first bit, it was slightly painful in the region I was bitten - and the area was a small 1/4 inch slightly raised bump, like a mosquito bite.

    Now it is very uncomfortable (and hurts) for me to push pressure on the foot. can i ask what prescription you use for your bites?
  4. yikes! I was just going to recommend taking a benadryl pill.

    what does the bite looks like precisely? I know there are two mosquito looking flies that get me. First is the traditional mosquito that is small and light brown. Second the other is a little bigger, all black, and what looks like striping on its legs/wings/or body. Those bites from the latter leave me with huge bumps that itch intensely.

    I usually take the pill and apply neosporin on the bite to prevent the scarring that I am left with once the sensation goes away (which takes about 48 hours for me) (the bite area grows large and swollen even if I don't scratch it) Sorry I couldn't help any further and OUCH for getting a bite in that location.

    you could try putting an ice cube on the bite for a couple of minutes to numb the area and decrease the notion to scratch.

  5. Call your local pharmacy and ask to speak to a pharmacist for their recommendation, this is exactly their area of expertise. If benadryl makes you drowsy and you are unable to focus on work, the pharmacist will be able to suggest a topical antihistamine to apply to the bite area to relieve itching. Typically these will be applied, 3-4 times a day for up to a week.

    They can also probably suggest a topical steroid such as hydrocortisone cream that is anti-itch ( anti-pruritic) and anti-inflammatory. Also, pharmacist may suggest some sort of counteirritant with menthol to relieve itching.

    In short, I'd definitely go to a pharmacy or call a pharmacist. If you are unsure which insect bite it is and have no problem showing your foot to a pharmacist as goofy as that sounds, pharmacists are actually trained to diagnose insect bites. They can recommend a topical cream for your symptoms w/out a prescription.
  6. I am extremely allergic too, with swelling of 5" diameter for over a week. :sad:

    Call your doc or pharmacist, but more likely than not, they will recommend over the counter hydrocortisone cream and non-drowsy Claritin. Also, ice your foot. Don't scratch!

    If it gets really really bad, go to the ER where they will likely give you a cortisone shot.
  7. crap. i just woke up to find myself scratching it hard. i iced it for an hour but it is now spreading. :sad:

    i took claritin and two benadryls. why am i still itchy??? this is driving me crazy :sad:
    i have tried hydrocortisone, benadryl cream, this menthol itch spray... nothing is working!! and i am itching like crazy.
  8. My mom is a pharmacist... she said to put a little ammonia on the bug bite. It will take away the itch. And, then take 2 benadryl before bed.
  9. Ammonia and vinegar is really good for the pain and itch, ice for the swelling, last summer I stepped on a wasp in the beach, so I know how horrible it is... Have you tried fenistil, sometimes it works (not for me lately ).. Get well soon!
  10. I get this reaction with mosquito bites too. Elevating it helps, but I have tried every medicine and cream I can think of and not much works. I usually alternate between hydrocortisone and Germoline ever few hours which helps with the symptoms but I think it just needs to work its way out of your system.

    If it starts to form a blister in the middle then be careful not to pop or pick at it. You may also get a hard welt which goes a bit purple and gets very painful.

    Get well soon
  11. thanks ladies! my dad called his allergy doctor and said the same thing all of you said - (benadryl + hydrocortisone/ammonia + ice) i am taking two benadryls now (claritin didn't do anything for me) with a cup of coffee and i am icing my foot 24/7. currently, i have one of those refreezable icepack things you put in a cooler under my foot. unfortch - there was no ammonia at the store. if it starts getting itchy again today i will try vinegar.

    if it is still itching like crazy on friday - i am going to the doctors and will ask about fenistil! thanks ladies - i appreciate the feedback and i am glad i am not the only one who has gone through this! (plus my dog is keeping me company at home).

    ps i have no idea what the mosquito looked like. next time i go outside, i am DEFINITELY using bug spray.