**Insanity** Shaun T's New Workout - Beachbody

  1. ^^^I'd love to know too! My husband has decided "we both" are going to do this! I don't know what he's thinking because the closest I get to working out is walking around the mall!!!

    Also, do you think a yoga mat will be good enough for this workout? Or do I need something stronger (thicker)?
  2. hey there I'm on my 3rd hurtin as well... glad i'm not the only one
  3. i watched the video and this workout is brutal!! I'm doing P90X and that's fine for me. I'm not a cardio type of person so I don't think I would enjoy Insanity that much.
  4. My thoughts exactly!!:nuts:

  5. Yoga Mat? You wont be using a Yoga Mat... lol

    Check out the video, you will love it!

    Good luck to everyone and keep up the good work!
  6. I just watched the youtube clip. I wouldn't have been able to do a single one of those exercises.
  7. StephieT, have you continued with it? :smile: Wondering how the resuts were!
  8. Steph, anyone else any updates on the results or the DVD's?
  9. Hey guys !

    I did my first fitness test.. and holy cow... that was a rough one.. but I like it... i loved the sweat and how I felt afterwards...

    i was suppose to start tomorrow, so i think i will bike tomorrow and weight lift and then Tuesday do the Plyo Cardio - which would be on the right day according to their workout schedule..

    I am going to take a month off of running - the gym will be horrible anyways and this should help me become stronger and i shouldnt lose too much of my running... its worth a shot I think...
  10. i actually tried to do the fit test last night. i nearly died half way through it. my heart was beating so fast! i haven't been very active for awhile, so i blame that. so instead of attempting the insanity workout, i am going to tone up and shape up with the 30 day shred, then attempt insanity again.

    although 30 day shred has made my entire body so sore already, and it's only day 2. i am keeping a blog up on my progress, but keeping it private. let me know if you want to see it.
  11. I just got the Insanity DVD, and boy am I up for this! I love working out really hard! I am usually a runner, but when it's C -20 outside, running is not an option. I have tried, but I was seriously on my way to freezing my nose and cheeks off (no joke, Swedish winter is ROUGH)

    So, Insanity here I come! I will try to come back here every day to tell you my status. Let's do this, this will be FUN! :graucho:
  12. Good luck! Props to you for doing this workout!
  13. I'm glad I found this thread! I have been wanting to get the Px90 series, but this one sounds even harder!! I hear you don't need any extra equipment for this DVD set? Is it all cardio? No strength training at all?
  14. You only use your own body weight, wich I think is the best way. But we'll se, I'll come back later and tell you the outcome of the first training ;)
  15. ^^ Is it the "60 day" set or the larger one?