**Insanity** Shaun T's New Workout - Beachbody

  1. declaredbeauty - did you decide to give it a go?

    starlux - I love Jillian's 30 day shred - this is that but (believe it or not) harder - I am planning on doing this for 60 days and then going back to Jillian's 30 day shred for maintenance. Jillian is still my favorite trainer but this guy is kicking my a$$.

    This program definitely does not start off easier - each day it begins with the same warm-up (which is my only gripe so far, that the warm up is the same) - and you are DRIPPING by the end of the warm up, and then he does a really great deep stretch.

    Then it is another 25 minutes of pure torture.

    What is nuts is as hard as these workouts are - I'm on day 6 and I am not even close to doing the whole thing, I'm constantly taking breaks, and my goal is that by the end of the first month to make it all the way through - but what is crazy is that the 40 minute workouts of month 1 become 60 minute workouts of month 2.

    It is really difficult - but I'm loving it and seeing results in a week !
  2. Stephie, your post makes me laugh because this workout sounds absolutely awful! I wish I were as disciplined as you, but I turn off my "30 Day Shred" workout before it officially ends. I'm not one for workout videos. I'm no good at holding myself accountable.
  3. It is awful ! LOL - but I'm bad about it also (Holding myself accountable), but he helps you through it!

    Even the participants on the DVD drop in and out, they are dying -but what is cool is that I sort of get motivated to go back and keep going because they drop out catch their breath and go back...

    Anyway, I'll keep you guys updated on progress, tomorrow is my first rest day wohoo!
  4. I've been really wanting to do this, but I'm just freaked out that I'll die in the middle of it, haha!

    I do JM's 30 Day Shred and her other workouts Boost Your Metabolism and No More Trouble Zones and I can get through them, but they feel *so* tough to me!

    Insanity looks, well insane :nuts:
  5. Hi ya Yarbs! I just started week 2 - they are still insane but the repeated workouts are getting easier - not easy just easier!

    I will say though that I am 100% seeing results already which is so exciting!
  6. I really want to try one of these, but they just seem to insane! Keep us updated on your results, maybe I'll get motivated enough to follow suit! :biggrin:
  7. Rounding out week 2 - haven't done my second fit test here but will post the results when I do.

    Unfortunately I am sick so I will be stopping for a day or two until I get better.

    Still the best workouts I've done - and I went away this weekend and all I needed to bring was the DVDs which was awesome - no equipment and I still worked out both days.

    The workouts are getting easier to get through as well.
  8. Stephie, I'm sorry you're sick! I'm watching to see what results you have with this set. You're a brave woman! :biggrin:
  9. Grace123 - thanks so much! even more motivation, I love it!

    I got some sort of sinusitis that made me all woozy - but I think this is the last day of it, I plan on picking it back up tomorrow morning. It should be even harder than normal since I haven't done it since monday =(.
  10. stephie are you doing this in your home? What equipment do you need?
  11. :bump:

    Just wondering how you're liking it?
  12. are you taking pictures of your progress? i'm dying to try this program out!
  13. i really want to try this but i live in an apartment building..do you think it's possible to do this workout without disturbing my neighbors below me with all the jumping? TIA!
  14. I'm curious about this exercise program too! Would love to hear more feedback about it.
  15. Steph, how's it going with "Insanity"?