**Insanity** Shaun T's New Workout - Beachbody

  1. Hello all - I have seen a thread about p90x and I thought I would ask if anyone else is as crazy as me and decided to start up the new program Insanity from Beachbody.com

    I'm only on day 2 but wow am I hurting!!!:boxing:

    If anyone else out there is doing this program join me in this thread!

    - Stephie
  2. I have P90X, the newer P90X, all of Shaun T's other stuff, pretty much every workout Beachbody has ever made...but when I watched a clip of "Insanity," I said no freakin' WAY!!!!!!

    You GO! I'll be interested to see how you do with it!
  3. It is tough already - the FIT TEST was tough. . . Today I was drenched by the warm up. And am sore already - not even 12 hours later.

    How did you like the other programs? I did "Chalean Extreme" for 2 months but the end of the 2nd month (the "push" phase) I felt bulky - I decided to go for Insanity because it is so focused on cardio. We'll see if I last the 60 days! haha. OR how my results are by Vegas for Labor Day!
  4. I haven't even started Extreme. Its sitting on the top of the pile, but I just haven't gotten around to it. My favorite overall has definitely been P90X and I also loved Yoga Booty Ballet. I'm not really a Yoga person, but I loved the girls and the spirit of the set overall.
  5. What kinds of exercises are used in the Insanity program?
  6. Grace123 I have the Yoga Booty Ballet but haven't done them yet - do you find them effective? Tomorrow is my "relatively" easier day on the Insanity program and I can use a good stretch - do you suggest any of them in particular?

    Alexis77 Have you watched the video? they are super intense cardio workouts, I can't explain the difficulty level it is just simply astonishing. It is plyometric and super intense cardio, but he is an amazing motivator.

    No way do I make it all the way through with these guys but I'm getting better. I'm enjoying the challenge and am super sore - let me know if you have any other questions.
  7. YBB is great for flexibity, balance and especially for my back. I have sciatica and every time it flares up, I get that dvd out and it helps a lot. I think how fit you are will determine how effective it is, meaning if you're up to a Shaun T Insanity workout, YBB may be only good for the 'fun factor.' :smile:
  8. I'm going to give it a shot today, I need a good stretch. Thanks for the info. Now to get my dog to move out of my workout space lol
  9. Does Yoga Booty Ballet really help tone your tush? I took regualr ballet for years and that did wonders for my butt, sadly I have the droopiest butt in the unierse if I don't "stay on it," and was wondering if YBB could possibly provide the same results ballet did. I travel so much for work now I cannot really take ballet classes anymore bc I am never in the same place for very long :tdown:
  10. Oh yeah..stick with it and you'll have the tightest booty in town! ;)
  11. Whoa Crap. Looking at the Youtube clip almost made me bust a sweat.. It looks crazy but fun. I think I'll try it.
  12. Uh, wow. That looks NUTS. I though 30 Day Shred was intense. Does this start off "easier" and you work your way up, or is it the same routine daily? I'm interested to try this, but it looks HARD!
  13. I'm scared to watch the clip...
  14. oh wow, I'm kind of wanting to try this but I know this workout will kick my ass.. but I guess that's the point :/