Insanity at Barneys NY in Chicago

  1. I'm starting this thread in the sub-forum because I'll have a list of accessories to add in a moment!

    In the meantime, my DH is there shoppng for me (he is on biz travel).

    He found a Red (??) First for me, set it aside, turned around to call me, and another shopper grabbed it and bought it!! :wtf:

    While we were on the phone!!

    Then he found some accessories but they were in a case so he called an SA over. He asked her if they had the Money, the Makeup or a Mini Coin Purse and she said, "Oh we don't call them by those names" So DH says, "Is there someone around here that knows Balenciaga?" She says, "Oh we all do!! We just don't use the Balenciaga names" WTF?

    She says, "So this one is the Wrap Around, and this one is the Zip and this one is the Little Guy!!"

    Oh well!!!

    That EXPLAINS IT!!!!

  2. Barney's in Seattle is just as bad. I've tried calling there today and no one will answer the phone. When they do answer, most of the time they are rude or just completely uninterested in helping you. At one time they had a really good SA for Balenciaga, but he quit after they refused to let him have time off when his SO was ill with complications from AIDS. Nice people. NOT.
  3. Waaaah? That sounds crazy! I can't wait for your photos!
  4. OMG 'the little guy' wtf are they gabbing about??? we don't use Balenciaga names??? then don't sell Balenciaga then. Idiots.

    As for that customer swiping your red bag, that is so low and also so typical cut throat shopping at its worst. Its amazing but you honestly have to literally hold something in your hand, even if its just to consider.

  5. OMG!!!

    So the SA refused to look at the Bal Style cards inside the accessories and then locked the case and left: apparently the closed 9 min and wouldn't let DH buy anything.


    DH drove for almost an hour to get there after work. Wow. I am in shock and he is PISSED.
  6. Wow. You should tell their manager about this. I'm sure they'll be appalled that one of their SA's refused to make a sale!
  7. Wow, I am sorry to hear that you had such awful service! That is so frustrating!
  8. DH said the SAs were literally pushing people out the doors.

    Another place that doesn't need my money.

    I love these wretched SAs that are saving me cash!!

  9. there is insanity at ALL Barneys! i went to the one in LA and they don't even know the names of the colors! it's not in the computer either. so to them, marine/ocean = blue, cinnamon/etc. = brown, and so on...

    clueless :blah::smash:
  10. they probably wanted to get to 2 drink tuesdays or something :tispy:
  11. Wait a couple days, the schmuck who grabbed the red bag will return it. People do that just for the rush of the "victory" :rolleyes:
  12. oh that's awful! he must be :cursing: and i realize he probably doesn't want to take even more of his time on this than he already has but i have had positive experiences complaining to Barneys management about problems i've had in the nyc store. they have been very repsonsive and appreciative (and i wouldn't hesitate to ask for complimentary shipping on whatever item(s) he was attempting to purchase for you)!
  13. Lovely. Today I was calling all over creation looking for my Anthracite Courier. I called every Saks in the country that sells Balenciaga. I get this SA that puts me on hold, but I can hear everything she's saying........."Does anyone know what the Courier is?........she wants in that weird color, ya know.......anthracite?

    I was floored with the lack of professionalism but on the other hand impressed that she actually knew the color I was talking about.
  14. Just in case anyone is desperate enough to give Barney's their money, I think DH was able to describe the following:

    Money in Red, Dark Blue (Bleu Marine and Anthracite), Vert Fonce
    Coin Purse in Red, Black
    Make up in Black
    Compagnon in Dark Blue, Black, Dark Brown, Red
    Mini-Compagon in Red

    Bags all with Reg HW:

    Work in Grenat
    Work in Brownish (LOL, it's DH!!!)
    City in Steel (dark charcoal, kinda sparkly, hee hee)
    City in Dark Brown
  15. thanks nycmom!!

    OMG, Cracker, doesn't it make you just want to call Bal and tattle on them?!?!