Insanely rude Prada SA story here. Argh!

  1. I was just in Las Vegas on vacation and I wandered into Prada with a few girlfriends. I saw a **stunning** dress and asked if I could try it on and the woman first said "This will not fit you" and I said, "well... I'm looking at it and it both is my size and looks like it will fit me." She says, "no, this dress is my size so you will not fit into it. I will get you a bigger size." She comes back with the bigger size and as she puts me in the fitting room she says "you know that this dress is 1800 dollars, right?" I tell her yes, I am completely aware of that fact. It turns out to be, in fact, too big (sigh of relief) and then I try the original on and that fits really strangely... big here... small here... blah blah blah. So I ask her if she had seen a lot of other women try it on, because I wanted to know if the problem was just my body type and I was curious if other people had had problems getting a good fit on this. She says icily, "Honey, women come here to BUY the dress, not try it on." I was flabbergasted. I said in my *****iest voice, "Ok, I meant before 'they' BUY the dress, have you seen lots of people try it on?" She says, "They are not here to try it on, they BUY. They BUY the dresses here, all of them. Understand?" My friend was standing behind the SA when she said it to me and I watched her jaw drop to the floor, which is what I would have done had I not been trying to maintain my composure. I put my clothes back on, left the store and felt kind of like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman when she's in the Beverly Hills boutique, except that I wasn't dressed like a prostitute and was even CARRYING a Prada bag (albeit a few seasons old, but still... the irony) at the time. I've never been treated so poorly at any store, ever. I was really shaken.

    Do these salespeople ever end up accountable for hideous attitudes or do the higher ups at Prada and the like turn the other cheek or even encourage extreme *****iness in their employees? I am tempted to write a letter to the boutique itself as well as corporate, but I wonder if it would just be a complete waste of my time. Has anyone ever had any recourse in situations like this?
  2. that is so snotty! it is so obvious that she doesn't want to serve you coz if she does, she would not be that *****y! you should have speak to the manager of the store. i don't get what she means by people don't try on clothes and just buy???? why would i buy a dress that don't fit for that kinda price? i have been to prada many times and so far no such incidents like yours. actually, most of the time, i don't bother to speak to the SA much. sorry to hear that!
  3. I have seen some pretty rude SAs in my life but nothing ever that bad. I am so sorry she treated you that way. It is NOT right. It doesn't matter if you are carrying a Prada bag or a bag from Target, they WORK there and should treat you with respect. Honestly it is their job to make a sale so I don't understand her level of thinking. I would defiantly speak to the manager and make a formal complaint. Her behavior towards you was simply unacceptable.
  4. :wtf: OMG! That totally sounds awful!! What a B#$%$W^!! :censor:

    You poor thing.. must be 'traumatised' over this incident.. I support your idea in writing to Prada to lodge a formal complaint. You don't really know if anyone up there will look into it, but you should let them be aware that there are such SAs in their stores that are giving Prada a bad rep. Its up to them if they want to act on it.
  5. That is the worst rude SA story I have ever heard. Write a complaint letter -- please -- and let us know if you hear back.
  6. Honeychile, if you don't write one, I'll do it for you! That ***** deserves to have her butt raked over the coals. People do NOT shop in Prada to get treated like that! Heck, I'd be on the manager's door step if I was treated like that at WALMART!! :rant:

    The DH and I went to our usual haunt for steak dinners several years ago. We had what we still refer to as The Meal From Hell. They literally didn't get anything right, not even the water! I sent a very politely worded, respectful letter to the manager explaining what happened. He phoned me the second he read the letter, apologized profusely and said he'd send a gift certificate for a replacement meal. He did and we used it. The replacement meal was perfect! The trick to dealing with these situations is remaining calm, polite and respectful.

    PS-Excuse the "Honeychile" if it bothers you, I'm from the South. Can't help myself! :angel:
  7. You better write a letter..OMG..I would of made her eat my Prada bag if she talked to me like sorry.....I have had nothing but SUPERB service at Prada Stores.The only place I refuse to give SA's my sales is at SKAS NY Prada Deptmt..THEY ARE RUDE X100!!TOO!!
  8. This is unbelievable!:rant: That has got to be the rudest sales story I've ever heard. I would be so mad! I think you handled the situation really well, I would've probably just stood there in shock and not know what to do. You have to write a letter to the manager about this incident and if you do not hear back from the manager about this (manager should call you and acknowledge that the letter has been received and such), cc it to the headquarter too. Did you get that sales' name?
  9. You shouldn't have left, you should have talked with the manager. I would have ripped her a new you know what when I was through with her. Then I would have left without the dress because Prada LV is not worth my time. Call NY.
  10. Oh my gosh!! That girls deserves to be slapped...hard!!! I don't get the snotty b**** attitude of SA's. Sorry but you WORK at Prada, you have absolutely no reason to be smug.
  11. OMG, caviarwishes, i'm sooooooooooo sorry about what happened to you :hysteric:...these rude SA's seem to be running rampant lately & i don't get it...what makes these people think they're better than everyone else (?) one of my very successful friends in the fashion biz once told me about SA's, "if they were so hot, they wouldn't be working there, waiting on you!!!"...don't mean to diss all those sweet SA's out there, because there are some i adore :heart:...but sadly, some of them act like they own the joint, when they probably can't even afford to buy what they're selling...below is a thread of mine from yesterday about a rude SA @ "Barney's" in nyc :yucky:
  12. This is exactly what I thought when I read what happened to caviarwishes. Honestly, some of them are probably just bitter because they can't afford to buy the beautiful things they are around all day long.
  13. Did you get the name of the SA? coz that's what i wouldve done. Asked for her name and tell her off thereafter.
    complaint letters work, but in the future, you hafta give her that *****y attitude back if she is rude because people like her should be put in her place. it is YOU who ultimately has the purchasing power and You should be treated like a queen.
    that is just plain nasty. i would've thrown a spitball her way but then wouldn't that be terribly uncouth of me :biggrin:
  14. UGH. this is the reason why i like to shop online. SAs really piss me off, and i've had some pretty bad experiences but yours takes the cake. she should take that dress and shove it up her you know what. ican't believe the nerve of some people. i mean seriously, hello? you are a customer and that is why she has a job.
  15. That is downright disgusting. She should've been fired right there and then.

    Do write a write to the manager. People shouldn't be allowed to get away with that kind of behaviour.