Insanely Cheap Koobas!!

  1. if anyone's up for a drive and living in southern california, i just came back from cabazon/desert hills outlet in palm springs. the Saks off the 5th store had a bunch of koobas: black lucys and cognac/lime green marcelles for $275, chiaras for $235, and a cognac messenger style one thati forgot the name of. also, if anyone's interested in bulgas, they had a really nice light blue large hobo at the Barneys new york outlet for around $250, and even a suede balenciaga shoulderbag for $199. there were so many deals, i didn't know what to do with myself!!:drool::yahoo:
  2. Ohhhhhhhhh I've been wanting to go to the desert hills outlet for the longest time!!! i can't get anyone to drive down with me :sad:

    Hope you got some great deals