Insane Outlet Shopping!

  1. So after hearing all of the Legacy finds at the factory stores, I had to make a run to the local outlet tonight! Here are my purchases:

    2 Legacy Shoulder Flaps (1 black, 1 whiskey) @ $216 each
    Basketweave Gloves in burgundy @ $25
    Basketweave Muffler (Scarf) in Burgundy @ $37
    'P' Charm @ $9
    Embossed Portfolio in black @ $54

    Total before Tax $557 (outlet savings of $643!)

    I can't believe the Legacy deals! Thanks so much to wander who posted the info on these boards earlier today! The black Ali, gloves, muffler and charm are holiday gifts for my mom. I originally bought her a ergo belted leather hobo, but that will be going back to Macy's tomorrow. The portfolio is for my DH who loved it when I gave it to him tonight. He drove me to the outlet with about 10 minutes notice tonight, so I was so happy to get him the portfolio. Of course, I had to dive into the Ali craze and got the whiskey one for myself. I'm not used to the worn leather look and had to examine many bags before I found the ones I was comfortable buying. The lining is amazing though!

    Ladies....this is 3! Coach bags in 6 weeks. :nuts: I'm out of control and MUST stop! Only one of them was at full price though, so at least I feel good about that. I am absolutely done now!

    I'm going to try to post picks of the Ali bags.....


    What a great start to the weekend!
  2. very nice.... i got the parchment Ali and now i am wishing I had gotten the Black... oh and I completely here you - i have to stop now - this is seriously probably it until spring........

    i am now focusing on organizing my closet to hold all my new bags
  3. The outlet I went to didn't have the parchment in the Ali, but I wish they had! It's a beautiful color!

    With the black, I had a lot of trouble finding a 'good' one. Many of them seemed to have a white sheen to the leather that didn't seem right to me because it looked faded. Luckily, they had an extra one in the back and that one looked great. Did you notice the same thing? The shelves in the store were definitely dusty, so I think that may have had something to do with it.......
  4. definitely noticed this too - some of the leathers just look faded a bit and maybe dull looking... and so many of them were scratched to hell....i hate that.... i mean,why are they scratched? Arnt they new bags?
  5. Glad to hear I'm not alone. I wasn't trying to be overly obsessive about my selections, but many of the black Ali's just didn't look right at all. It almost seemed like they had spots with faint white blotches. I noticed that my whiskey Ali has a very small black dot on it like the size of a pen dot, but because the overall leather seemed better than the others, I was still very happy with it.

    I've never had anything with the Legacy lining. I love it!
  6. great deals!

    i wish i had an outlet close to me. :crybaby:
    the closest one is almost 2 hours away.

    i'm going to try to drag my bf up there in march &point something out and go, "birthday present?" lol. :p
  7. Love your new bags. Congrats!
  8. Good finds! You should post pics of ALL your great finds! Lately, I've been having no luck at my local outlets.
  9. Congrats what wonderful bags!
  10. Lucky you!:tup: I wish I was able to find such great bags at my outlet!
  11. Oooh, nice Ali's!! It makes me wanna go down to my outlet tomorrow to see if they've added styles since Black Friday!!
  12. When I first ordered the whiskey Lily during the last PCE, it had those little black "dots" all over it. It looked like somebody took a black marker to it! I returned it and decided to wait for the smaller version to come out.
    I agree with you about the condition of some of the Legacy bags at the outlet.
    The whiskey bags seemed to be in the worst condition, they were really dark and had alot of scratches. Actually the white were in the best shape. I am usually VERY picky about this, but for the prices I decided I could live with the scratches which will blend in time, I hope!:yes:
  13. Maya, where in Hawaii is the outlet? DH & I vacation there every April and I never knew there was a Coach outlet:nogood:!
    My avatar pic is the view from our balcony. You are so lucky to live in paradise!
  14. I was at the Freeport Maine Outlet yesterday and they had a table full of whiskey Mandy's, 1 white Ali, several whiskey Ali's and several black legacy '06 leather satchels. I already have the satchel and Mandy and I'm thinking about calling up to have them hold an Ali for me. Since I woke up at 6:00am and haven't stopped thinking about it since!
  15. Any chance you remember how much the Mandy's were selling for? Thanks!