Insane I tell ya!!!

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  1. There's all ready a thread about this. The going theory is that the seller is driving the price up herself.
  2. this auction has been brought up from another member, but i do agree this seller's selling price is wayyyy ahead of LV planned.
  3. theres another thread on this. i read that a person gets 2 eBay ids, then they bid a fair price with one id, then they bid a ridiculous price on the next one so that nobody will outbid them, then they retract their bid. its unfair, but absolutely genius!
  4. I've been noticing this Bidder 1, Bidder 2 and so on on many lv items on eBay.
  5. Sorry, didn't see it. Thanks for the update guys:p
  6. wait, since when did it start saying bidder 1 or bidder 5 instead of user names?? and how come they don't show the feedback of the bidders anymore? very weird!
  7. Yeah for some reason certain items now have Bidder_ instead of usernames. Anyway, seriously, I believe she's shilling this bag as well. I hadn't seen the topic so I didn't know about this but it's too bad she can't be reported somehow..there's no way to tell which ids might be hers anymore.
  8. what a jump
    from 950 to 5k? omg
  9. :wtf:
  10. It started in December 2006. eBay's effort to protect bidders from fraud and spam.
  11. wow! That is just stupid!
  12. It will be interesting to watch and see whether someone retracts his bid...
  13. Wow.
  14. stupid
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.