Insane Hermes Birkin Auction

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  1. As I stated in the forum once before, my goal is to own 30 Hermes bags by the time I am 30. I want one for every year I am alive!!

    I found a Birkin that might be my gem of 2008. What do you think? I think it's a very sophisticated color and the Vache Liegee leather is nothing short of luxe. The price is under retail too. I think it's a pretty good deal. Agreed?

    Auctions are too much fun!! Aren't they? :tup:
  2. The price isn't really under retail, but the bag is lovely! :tup:

    You can post this in the " EBay/Website finds" thread stickied at the top of this subforum! Welcome to tPF!
  3. I love brique in VL.
  4. Yes, you're right, the price is under retail for vache liegee. My current price list, (from corporate, long beautiful story) says VL 35 Birkin is $9K for 2008

    She's a beauty - are you going to get her? Best of luck - post if you do so we can cheer. :heart:
  5. yay! if you get her we will be bag twins! :woohoo::woohoo::woohoo:
  6. Just curious, can this auction site be trusted? I've never came across tis website till now.. any thoughts? The birkin's lovely though!
  7. Portero is a trustworthy company - you have no reason to be concerened about authentication or legitimacy of items. Good luck!
  8. I actually ordered this exact bag at the most recent PO!! It's supposed to come in around November!! I'm excited to see it, at least in pics! I hope you got it! I adore brique vach ligee!
  9. It says the auction is closed.... did you get it?? :nuts:
  10. Hope you won the auction! It is a truly beautiful bag.
  11. Gorgeous bag. Hope that it's now yours....
  12. I missed out on this one. The auction closed.:Push:
    But I called them....the bag will be put up for auction again soon.
    The saga continues......

  13. Thanks for the warm welcome!!
  14. YAY!:okay: GL!