Inquiry about damier carryall

  1. Just for fun I inquired about the damier carryall at (wishful thinking probly lol) they didnt really confirm it nor deny it, so lets think positive and hope that they will release one soon!
    they said: "At this time I have not received official confirmation regarding the launch of the Carryall in any other collections than the currently existing Monogram Canvas, Tobago Leather, and Utah Leather versions, excepting the limited seasonal Ouvea with a chain print and a new geometric blanket print Carryall for Fall-Winter 2006-2007. You may wish to check back in early 2007 when the next season's launch schedule is confirmed. "
  2. I believe that they have mean the one with and without straps..right? If thats the one you are referring to...if you look at, they have them.:yes:

    Its on my wish list as well and its about time, I say.
  3. I believe things have to be out for about 2 years + before LV can start accepting SO requests.
  4. Aren't those keepall? He wants a carryall. And BTW OMG R there pics of this new geometric carryall?
  5. That sounds pretty much like their way to say," yes it's'd you know?"
  6. thats what i thought Khoi, it souded a bit like yet but you shouldnt know about it
  7. I betcha they're coming out with it, just don't know when?! The popularity of that line has blown up since the release of the Speedys! it only makes sense to extent the line even more. Funny I use to think that the Damier line was awful, now I can't get enough!:drool: