Inputs, pls: Thirsty RVermi 07 city.

  1. Hi ladies! OK I really did this Bal forum as well as the TPF in general but kindda did not get the answers I wanted.

    I wanted to know if any of you ladies used the Coach Leather Moisturiser to just moisturise your bbags. My RVermi 07 city is lookin kindda dry and rough at a few spots, esp those tt rub against my clothes.
    I read somewhere tt a few of you do use the moisturiser; how did it fare?:confused1:

    A few qstns: Did it darken the leather/change the leather feel/remove the veins? How long did it stay moisturised?

    I tried mink oil on a discreet spot on one of the was moisturised but I didnt like the fact tt it darkened the leather, slightly... i didnt want to risk losing the lovely orangy tinge on my bag.

    I'm gg to purchase LMP Bbag care kit but considering it'll take a while to get to Spore, I want to use some 'interim' care. Any inputs are much appreciated!!!!:smile:

    Thanks all!
  2. IIRC coach cleaner/moisturizer is not recommended for bbags. It turns them yellow and leaves a yucky film on the bags.

    can you get apple products?
  3. the only thing i'd trust on a b-bag (besides "lovin'mybags") would be apple guard conditioner :girlsigh:...i think i've heard bad things about using coach products on b-bags, but i'll let some other gals chime in...i've used lubriderm just to dab on little scratches, but not to condition a whole bag (which i would be wary of) :s
  4. Btw, from my search saw tt helenc used the moisturiser on her camel coin purse...seems to do the job ;) ... wonder if it changed the color? Camel is rather light colot, no?
  5. I've used both Lovin My Bags condition and Apple condition. They're both great.

    They moisturize/hydrate without darkening the leather or leaving the bag feeling greasy.
  6. Thanks *Jem*. Nope...'fraid' not, no Apple prods here in Spore. Dunno whether I can order?
    Emailed Barbara at LMB and she's in the midst of prividing me a quote for shipping to spore.
  7. ok...a 'No-no' for coach moisturiser to far.... :sad:
    Thanks ladies!