Input on Kate Spade bag????

  1. I would love your opinion of this bag??? You all are such a great help! Would this work for spring????kate spade bag :love:
  2. i actually love this bag! i saw it at bloomies and i'm easily amused so i loved the opening, like how it opens really wide and stays open. it's pretty small but i think if you don't carry a lot it would be nice or it would be a cute evening bag. i love the color!!
  3. I like it for anytime of day if you don't have a lot to carry. And I think the less the better.
  4. It's very cute...I have a similar KS bag from last spring and I love it!
  5. i dont likey.
  6. I saw it in pink and a metallic color and like both of those better than this color but more importantly, do you like it?
  7. rrrr :worried: i am so sorry i dont like it :cry: there is something about the golden chain and this particular shade of green isnt exactly what i would love..:sad:
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