Input on bags appreciated!HELP

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  1. Heya everyone!

    I have to deal with a dilemma: all this speedy talk here the previous days and weeks made me go to lv and buy a speedy 40!
    I only wanted to buy the ipod case but ended up with the speedy, ipod case, koala organizer and koala short wallet-pretty big for a "small".
    Yeah I am a sucker for my cute SA....*giggle*

    Now, I am a boy and gay-but NOT tranny or fag acting......just a stylish metro sexual type of guy.
    Yesterday I was wearing my speedy 40, combinated with jeans and my black trench coat.

    looked pretty good to me, and the speedy rather looked like a "sports bag" for men then anything else.....still it seemed as people where staring at me!Okay they also do when I wear my birkin 40, but then DUH its a birkin........:shame:´

    maybe I am paranoid, but I really felt bad!
    Now.........should I exchange it or only use ot when in travel?and if an exchange-then for which model? I dont want another messenger......I wanted a carry on...something lv with handles which is suitable for guys and doesn´t cost too much(1k)

    I love the speedy, and even tho its my cheapest LV I still LOVE it.
    BUT I dont want to look like a freak either.........or too obvious gay:blink:


    besides of that dilemma: thanks to you gals I am B-Bag addicted!
    after my weekender size one in mocca I am yearning for a work bag in black...........
  2. hennaria believe me: leave people staring!!
    and i have seen that many designers (for example etro) in the spring summer fashion show have made their male models carry a bag. so don't worry!!
    i loooove men that carry bags such as the speedy, they look so good!!
  3. hmmm....what about your vow to not spend more than 200 euros this month? ;)
  4. There was just a big article in the New York Times a few days ago about bags for men. I think it's going to become far more commonplace to see men carrying bags of various styles and sizes. I think it doesn't matter what you wear or carry; if you're confident you can rock any look.
  5. I agree with pseub....rock that bag of yours! When i went to England recently, I also saw a lot of cute hip guys carrying bags....sometimes I stare....but its only cause I'm thinking "wow, what style!!"

  6. of best friends (gay) is really stylish...but he doesn't carry cute bags....However, it would be nice to see him sporting one!
  7. Seriously let them stare. What is wrong with them? I get stares when I carry my bag too what the heck it's not like it's their business.
  8. First off, your comments were hilarious!!!! I was LOL! But maybe they're staring b/c they are just sooo envious of your bags! I would be if I saw you walking down the street rocking a Speey 40 like you own it! Keep it. You have your own sense of style and exploit it for all its worth!;) ;)
  9. The male model on Gucci site carrying the Gucci is looking good!
  10. Love the Koala wallet so much!

    Don't worry about what people think about your accessories. I bet some of them wish they had the guts to carry a luxury bag.

    We had a Japanese house guest about a year ago here and he was OBSESSED with LV! I think he had a small bag, like the Reporter, possibly.
  11. I agree with all the above. Love who you are,what you have,and let everyone know it!!
  12. Bags and men my two favorite things. Put them together and it's a match made in heaven.;o)
  13. I suppose one option could be to exchange the Speedy for the smallest Keepall. It's less of a purse, a little more gender-neutral. And then it's totally travel appropriate too.
  14. if you love it, who cares? you know you look good, they're just jealous! :biggrin:
  15. Go with what makes you happy. If people stare, they stare.