Input needed -- which style Black Bbag to buy?


Which style for my black bbag?

  1. Black Twiggy

  2. Black Part Time

  3. Black First

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  1. I would appreciate some advice from you all on what style I should buy for a black bbag. I must force myself to buy one since I have a lot of bright colors now!

    I have 1 city, 3 Twiggy bags, and 1 day bag currently. I really LOVE the twiggy the best, it is the most comfortable to carry for me, handles over my shoulder.

    Should I get a black twiggy, Part Time, or venture into the land of the First bag?

    Thanks! :heart:
  2. I voted for the black twiggy. I say that because I'm not a fan of the part-time, and the first is too small, IMO. Besides that, you did say that twiggy is your fave style! That's my vote! I love the way black twiggies look, they're gorgey and sooo smushy looking and hold so much!
  3. I picked the first b/c the black first was my first bbag ever. I thot it was a classic that would go along with many things and it's just so cute! But that was before I read your post.
    Since you loved the twiggy, maybe you should go with that. But i like the First and it fits over my shoulder with the handles long as I'm not wearing a jacket =P And I usually don't carry too much with me so it works fine for me. HTHS!
  4. I voted black twiggy. Love the style, it holds a lot, and is very versatile.
  5. I voted for the black first before I read your post. If the twiggy is your favorite style then go with that one. I think that you shouldn't get one because it sounds like you don't really want it. If bright colors work better for you then stick with it don't just give into getting a black bag because a lot of people like it. You would be wasting your money on something you didn't want, KWIM?!?!
  6. I would get the first, since you already have 3 twiggys... the first, although I dont have one yet, should be just as comfortable to wear coz you've got the shoulder straps to use... and it'll add more variety in your growing collection... a black first is a must I must say! also coz I prefer twiggys in lighter/brighter colors... HTH! good luck!
  7. I completely agree! Don't spend your money on a color that you feel you need.......if bright colors are what you love then stay with them. But if you decide to get one in black then I vote for Twiggy!
  8. Black Twiggy gets my vote........a few pf'ers have some gorgeous '05's that have amazing leather......really pillow-like, puffy leather. You never know when one will pop up. Good luck!
  9. I voted First because I have a Black First and I absolutely love it but it is a "going out when I don't need much bag" for ME.

    I guess the question to ask yourself is.....When you usually want or need a black you need a big bag ( for work ) or a small bag ( for going out )....?
  10. twiggy all the way! stick with what you love.
  11. Another vote for the first .. so classic :biggrin:
  12. It depends on what you plan to use the bag for. If it's for going out and/or you don't carry that much, I would get a first. But the first is pretty small, so I would get the twiggy if you want to carry more than the essentials.
  13. After much deliberation for my own black bbag purchase (between twiggy and city), I've decided that a twiggy is the way to go! Get a black twiggy and we'll be twins! lol
  14. I also vote for the Twiggy, since you like it and it's comfortable for you. The First seems so small to me, and I think if you're going to get a basic like black, you should have one that's versatile and you can carry whenever you want.
  15. i'm torn - you already have 3 twiggys and a black First would be a great going out bag. they aren't as small as you think - there are some threads that show how much a they can hold.

    if you must have a twiggy, then go for a sure thing, but i think you would find the First size more versatile then you think!