Input needed - my first LV purchase


Oct 7, 2011
Hi all,

I think I've read *every* thread there is and watched every youtube video on the planet, but am still hoping for some help in making my first LV purchase :biggrin:

I've decided 100% on a speedy bandouliere in damier ebene, but I'm back and forth on the size between the 30 and 35. I don't carry a ton, but I'm 5'10", 170 lbs, so am mostly concerned about getting something that fits my frame. Unfortunately there are no LVs near me, so I'm having to order online and hope for the best! I'm leaning towards the 35 because I think the 30 might look too small, but please let me know your thoughts :smile:

I'm also hoping for some suggestions on a bag organizer. I'm looking to find something relatively lightweight that will give a little bit of structure, but still give some sag to the bag.



Nov 17, 2015
I was trying to decide between the 25 and 30 in the SpeedyB, then when I went to the store, it was immediately clear to me that the 30 was too big (I'm 5' 7"), so I think 30 would be perfect for you. In my opinion, 35 would be too large for an everyday bag.
Jul 23, 2013
Well, it depends on what you carry in your purse on a regular basis. I'm 5 ft 7 in and weight 170 and I thought the same you did. But I was fortunate enough to go into an LV boutique on vaca and try them on. When I compared the 30 to the 35 I knew the 35 would be too much bag for me. I carry a full sized wallet, my iPhone, a small cosmetic case, my sunnies in their case, an LV toiletry 19 and an LV 6 key holder. With all that I could still stuff anything extra in it with plenty of room. Hope this helps!!!