Input -- Looking for a Big Bag/Tote Bag

Nov 7, 2005
Hi Everyone,

You are all so knowledgeable, I am hoping you can help me find a bag! I've got two young kids (3-years-old and a 1-year-old), but I don't want a diaper bag. I'm trying to find a "big" bag (not too hard to find since I'm only 5'2") or a tote bag that I can use to schlep everything around in. I don't want it to be too trendy since I'm no longer in my 20s, but I don't want it to be matronly -- I'd like it to have a little bit of character, but still be classy and classic. Any ideas would be appreciated!



Nov 1, 2005
Wow, tough call. Personally, I really love Longchamp tote bags - they come in difference colors and sizes, and are extemely durable and classic. I'm not sure if the brand is a bit too boring for you, but the large shopping tote seems like it would really fit your needs.
Nov 7, 2005
Gia said:
What is your budget? Are you going to be putting bottles, diapys it?

Hi Gia,

Not sure of my budget...I just got a Paddy and a Mulberry within the last two months, so I don't really want to spend a fortune. Maybe $1000 or less. I probably will be carrying a diaper and some wipes, and a sippy cup or two so I don't want to put that stuff in my other bags. My previous thought was to get a diaper bag for the baby stuff and then carry a "regular" bag -- hence the Paddy. But, it's just too much stuff to carry around.


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Oct 28, 2005
shopper_girl8 said:
Thanks, Munchkyn. You guys are so great! I'm debating between the Roxy on Bob Ellis (I mean, can you beat that price?) and the new Elgin Tote from Mulberry. What do you guys think?

That is a really tough choice! The deal at Bob Ellis is just so hard to give up I mean half off! But the elgin tote is very nice as well. I guess it depends on what seems more functional for you because the roxy has two outer pockets that the elgin does not. So do you need extra outer pockets? Plus the only color left at bobellis is pink, do you want pink?