Input/Feedback/Advice on Long Wallets

  1. I'm on the lookout for a long wallet; I think they are also referred to as continental wallets. The Fendis, LVs, Diors all look nice.

    The dilemma for me now is the closure type: button snap, open, or zip.

    I currently have a Kate Spade Katy Wallet (small, like a French wallet, I think), so I've only experienced a button snap on a small one.

    Can anybody share their experiences with the long/continental wallets, and which closure types are the best? Thanks! :heart:
  2. Dh has the male equivelent, it's called a Truckers Wallet. Has a snap closure and I swear he could hide Jimmy Hoffa in it. It's the kind with a chain on it though, you "wear" it more than carry it.

    Bag Angel sent me a Chloe long wallet... it has a zipper.
  3. I like magnetic closures just for the convenience of not having to think about closing and opening it. :smile:
  4. I personally ONLY use continental wallets.I prfer the snap kind too because the ones that zip around catch on my money and receipts and its annoying.I only use Prada wallets usually.I think they r the best out there quality wise.
  5. ^I am pretty sure my mom uses all Prada wallets too. She has one Hermes though that she has had forever. BTW, Jill- almost 20K posts!!! Congrats!

    I think snap/magnetic closures are easiest. Zippers get really annoying. :s
  6. ^LOL THANKS!!!(Im a yapper!HEHE!)

    Prada wallets holds up the best..I swear....i beat mine up and they still look great!
  7. I have a LV zippy wallet which I love!!! I also have a nice Fendi wallet. Gucci also makes nice larger wallets with all different closures. I'm currently looking for a small size Chanel wallet for my smaller bags...but I normally carry a larger wallet...
  8. I have a Prada zip wallet. I'm pretty sure I won't even buy another wallet that's not Prada- that thing is impossible to scratch! I prefer the zipper wallets because stuff was always falling out of my snap/magnetic wallets. Now I don't have that problem! My receipts/money never get caught in the zipper either.
  9. well mine's not fancy (liz claiborne outlet $7.99! and going on 4 years!) but it has a snap. i like that i can carry my checkbook and all my misc. cards (store punch cards, coffee cards, etc) with me instead of keeping them at home (and thus forgetting to use them). i had one with a zipper once and it kept catching on things. very annoying.
  10. What I look for in a wallet are (1) it has to hold CCs, bills and coins b/c I hate having these in separate wallets, (2) a lot of space for CCs/gift cards and (3) I like the coin area to be zipped, b/c I've had incidents when I forgot to close the coin area (or not 'button' it properly) and all my coin spilled on the floor or sometimes the coin would just spill into my purse. I hate that!

    I like the LV PTI (a snap closure), but it doesn't fit all of my stuff.

    I recently got an LV zippy wallet (zipped all the way around) and I love it! It's thin, but it holds so much. I've never had a problem with the zipper catching onto paper.
  11. I don't like wallets that unfold to a huge thing. That's why I like accordion wallets, like the LV pochette. You should play around with some and see what you like best. =)
  12. My mom has an LV Epi PTI in Black, and that wallet is FABULOUS!!! Makes me want one of my own!
  13. Few suggestions..
    I have this exact wallet and love it.

    I'm sure you can find cheaper as I think I only paid about 90$ I think for mine.

    same wallet/different color style.

    I also have this wallet( this one is mine) totally love it as well. The outside pocket(coin pocket) is also great for your paper money and it fits without folding it.

    BTW its coach.It will hold a ton, (I have had 1000$ in 20$) on there and it closes with no problem.

    [​IMG] inside

    [​IMG] back coin pocket

    [​IMG] front
  14. I have a lovely Prada one which has two zippers-- one for the wallet to ensure nothing falls out, and one inside for the coin purse. It's really useful and it feels nice and secure. Because of the double zippers, you can also use it as a clutch if all you're taking is your key and your cash. :smile:
  15. I know this is a relatively late udpate, but I'd like to thank you for all your input. :flowers:
    It took a while, but I finally found a fantastic Chanel Caviar wallet in navy. Funny thing, it's got snap and zipper closure! Guess I couldn't get away from either... :p