Innovating Vuitton

  1. Ok girls, I thought it would be fun if we all discussed where we think louis vuitton should go in the future .. what innovation pathways should it take to make the brand more enjoyable

    So I was thinking that with all the dicussion with quality issues that LV needs to start listening to it customers and going back to its routes .. staying away from all the mass production .. but having bags created more by specilaised groups .. more care to be taken over the quality of all bags /// After all it is a luxury brand and we pay to get the best... to many thoughts are happening

    Secondly I belive that Vuitton need to refocus itself more on the traditional lines of monogram and damier.. bringing out more new and exiting styles.. I do feel that LV is bringing out too many Ltd edition lines.. it seems to be two new lines being brought out every two months .. I don't know if any one else feels this way but a good standing ltd line should be able to stand for more than a couple of weeks... back in 2003 there were less ltd lines CB and mc bags.. people new these were hot lines and were hard to get hold off... with so many different new lines now I find it hard to catch up .. I never feel I have the hot item :crybaby:Unlike Fendi, Chloe and Hermes who can bring out a new bag and the style is forever hot

    I could go on foever .. what are your thoughts ??
  2. I think there's quality issues with every designer. I had a Chloe paddington...the lock and key chipped to hell. The Fendi Spy had issues with the spy compartment popping open....never happened on mine, but I read about it. I had issues with my cognac spy...color rub-off everywhere. Balenciaga has had issues...crappy leather, discoloration....the list goes on with all designer bags. My Chanel was ruined from a loose thread and color transfer.

    As far as bags being forever depends on your style. I think the paddington, spy, edith, muse....those are all over in the fashion world. The speedy, alma, noe, papillon....these are forever LV icons and classics. I love that LV does different LE keeps it updated and fun. They do seem to introduce new mono pieces as well. Maybe it sounds like I'm sticking for LV, but if you really look into the other designers, it's all the same.
  3. It always bothers me they don't take more care of the inside of the bag.
    The ones I own have ONE smaller pocket inside. I really would like to see two pockets and an extra pocket for my cell!
  4. ^^
    Good would be nice to have more pockets. I solved that myself with a purseket.
  5. That's a solution, or you can buy extra pochettes for inside the bag, but for the price we pay an extra inner pocket wouldn't hurt, no?
  6. I think that if LV does the same thing over and over then consumers would get bored. I like that Marc Jacobs continually keeps us, LV lovers, on our toes - anxiously and curiously awaiting "what's next". I don't always like what they have created, therefore, I only buy what I love and would actually use.
  7. ^
    I agree, and if you don't like LV one season it's a good opportunity to discover other brands and styles. = )
  8. I've never been a huge fan of the classic monogram or damier, in fact...I feel like there's too much of them in various for me, all the LE's have been quite a treat!:yahoo:
  9. :yes: Ditto! Most of my bags are LE's and I prefer them to the traditional mono or damier bags!
  10. can you think of any innovative paths that you would want LV to take??
  11. I think LV should introduce a more affordable but still high quality line of "cruise" bags or whatever you wanna call it. Even though mono and damier bags are relavtively affordable i use that term loosley. I think the majority of society cant fathom spending 600$+ on a bag which is how much a speedy costs which is a basic in vuttion terms.
  12. i do like the emergence of more subtle monogrammed bags (mahina, onatah). i think LV should expand on that for people who don't like the so called "screaming logos" kind of bags.
  13. I don't think there is another designers quality that compares to LV! I am NEVER happy with any other bag! I find that I only use my LV's.

    I also love the LE bags. I like to have something that not everyone else has. Don't get me wrong, my favorite bag is the monogram speedy 30! I love all LV bags, even if I don't like the new design or shape, I still have a love for the quality!

    I am always so excited to see what is coming out next and when. Sometimes it SUCKS when I have to chose one or the other and not both, but such is life! It makes me appreciate what I have even more!