Innie or Outie

  1. How do you use your cles?
    Do you leave you keys out or tuck them nicely in?
    With my damier cles I just let it all hang loose-
    but when I'm using my groom, I put it in.

    Just wanted to know :angel:


    p.s. are all the keychain lengths the same? the d ring and chain on my damier cles is longer than the groom one....
  2. depends .. sometimes i hang them on my bag handles., sometimes insidemy bag ,..
  3. I use my cles for credit cards and leave the chain in.
  4. I have my keys on my groom cles, but when I put it back in the bag, I tuck the keys all inside so it doesn't get scratched.
  5. I let my keys hang out.
  6. LOL Outie: I keep my keys out. They don't fit in the cles with my credit cards and cash in it. I basically use it as a keychain.
  7. I let my keys out..too bulky
  8. muchos gracias for all the responses !!!
  9. I keep the keys inside so that they don't scratch any of the items inside my bag, particularly my Guccissima agenda.
  10. :yes:
  11. offie...I managed to get the store to remove the thing all together...
  12. Is there any special reason for that khoi?

  13. OUT! I have a mono so i dont worry, infact I just love this accessory.
  14. Agreed, i'm like you. Which cles do you have sorry ?
  15. Outie, makes them easier to grab !