Inner flap question for reissue 226 owners

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  1. Hi everyone I'm looking for advice. This is my first Reissue and it seems that my inner flap is really short which isn't allowing me to put all the things I want to in the bag. The top of the bag when closed has to be pushed together to shut, creating a triangle shape on the side of the bag. Is this normal for reissues?? Ive seen side shots of other reissue bags and it seems that the top part of the bag was wider, hence the inner flap would be longer. If anyone can give me insight on this I'd really appreciate it, thanks. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1462217100.549327.jpg
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    Last edited: May 2, 2016
    Hi ddebartolo, I too am a first time owner of a reissue 226. I don't seem to have the triangle look from the side view. I also do not snap close my inner flap. Have you tried only using the outer flap to close?

    I looked at my reissue again. if I try to put more stuff into my reissue and close the inner flap... It just won't let me because it is indeed too short. However, if I don't snap close the inner flap, then I can put more stuff in ( of course trying not to overload it)! If I have few things (balenciaga wallet, iPhone 6, lipstick and pack of gum, keys), I can close the inner sorta looks triangular from the side view.

    Hope this helps!
  3. Oh thank you so much for that info! Not sure that I tried to close just the outer flap and not the inner but will definitely try that when I get home.
  4. Hi ddebartolo,

    Nice bag!! It has made it onto my wishlist :smile:. I'm a sucker for chevron and so black ...
    Just a question for you, looking at your picture it seems that the bottom of the bag sags a bit. Am I seeing this correct?

    Thanks for your input!! Hope you will enjoy your bag!!

  5. Hi and thanks for your comment! When the Reissues are brand new they are flat. You have to give them shape and flatten out the bottoms. This one was in the store and wasn't shaped yet. Mine is now shaped and totally flat on the bottom :smile: