Inlaid Peyton returns in April

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  1. This is supposed to be available sometime in April. The main colour looks white but may actually be a light seafoam.

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  2. Oh that is nice!
  3. oooo S, you found a pic of it yay!! ooo its actually really pretty!
  4. Oh My goodness that is lovely...
  5. I'm hoping it's a light green.....kinda like what they did with the melon one.
  6. Oh I like that but I think it would be better with silver hardware.
  7. wow! just plain wow!
  8. O:huh:Ooo... i love it. sooo springy!
  9. Does that have the same style # as the other ones?
  10. Oh my! My pocket is going to hurt lol
  11. wow I love the colors of that one cool!!!
  12. haha.. Maes, i was thinking of u because i think u r the one who has melon in ur avatar. iv been admiring of melon since i saw urs. hopefuly ill get one in april!
  13. wow! wish it had silver HW too though
  14. Yes I love the inlaid. It's just wow ! You can score a Mellon on *bay I believe. Hope you get yours soon. They are beautiful bags
  15. indeed!