Inlaid Parade!

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  1. I apologize if there is already a thread about this and I missed it, but Coach has had some fabulous inlaid styles. Is there a list someplace (with PICS!) of all Coaches inlaid, from Brookes to Peytons and beyond?

    Every time I take my inlaid Brooke out of her bag, I can't help but admire her. Such lovely details! She's better dressed than I am! :biggrin:

    Any other inlaid fans? Do you like the inlaid version more than the regular version of the same bag? Do you own *both* versions? Which one do you carry more often?

    (Why no pics of my inlaid Brooke here? I'm posting from my netbook and my pics are on my other computer)
  2. There are also Inlaid Op Art Claire and Inlaid Op Art Parker and Inlaid Op Art Sabrina!
    I have the Inlaid Op Art Peyton tote!!! (Sorry I don't have a single picture of Peyton alone!)


    Lynne :biggrin:
  3. Absolutely! Love my inlaid much so that I paid FP (minus PCE) for it! (Bollocks that it's now at least 50% less than PCE price at the outlet.)

  4. The Plum Inlaid Op Art Brooke is very pretty!!!!


    Lynne :biggrin:
  5. That plum is stunning. If I could get a do-over of my late 2009 bag purchases, I would've lusted after this bag to fill the "pinks/magentas/maroons" craving I had at the end of summer instead of the sad sack I ended up getting (not Coach).
  6. That's a stunner.
    If it makes you feel any better, it'd be a cold day in hell before my outlet would ever have such a beautiful bag to sell. Something like this isn't guraranteed to be found at an outlet, methinks!
  7. There's an inlaid Sabrina? I'll have to search the forums for a pic of that one!!

    And I love your inlaid Peyton! She really shakes up the black bag assortment. I'm in the "one can never have too many black bags" camp. They go with everything!
  8. I think the Sabrina and Julianne were the first inlaid bags from Coach. There were a few different inlaid Parkers, then the Brooke, Maggie, Claire, and most recently, the Peyton tote.
  9. There were two at my local flagship outlet last weekend, but two weeks ago at the outlet women were eyeing me for my taupe inlaid and two others were stalking a plum inlaid. I had two women ask me to touch and see the bag. It was wild!
  10. What was the inlaid Julianne? That sounds cool.
  11. The inlaid Julianne was similar to the Sabrina - a mix of black and mahogany leather. I just saw someone carrying the inlaid Julianne a couple of days pretty!
  12. I need to correct what I said before; the Parkers are not inlaid, they are pieced. It's a subtle difference, but they're still different.