Inlaid Op Art Claire... I need pros and cons!

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  1. I love the inlaid op art claire.. it's such a beautiful bag! I need help deciding whether I should get one or not.. How hard is to take care of? Is it too big? Any issues I should be aware of? TIA!

    oh, and by the way, I wouldn't wear it crossbody, so the length of the strap isn't an issue.
  2. I had the inlaid op art Maggie and it was sooo beautiful. I returned it because I found it to be too heavy. Not sure if it is just me or if the Claire is heavy too
  3. I have it and LOVE it, it can be alittle heavy, but its a awesome bag!!!!! I paid FP, are you getting it from the outlet?
  4. I don't have the inlaid, but I do have a Claire. She can be quite heavy and a little big for me.
  5. I bought the inlaid Maggie and love it so much that I bought the inlaid Claire. A different style bag from the Maggie, but very beautiful also.

    It's not real big, but there's a lot of good leather & suede in it, so it's not a light bag, though I wouldn't describe it as real heavy either. Some of my other bags are much heavier, but I guess it's all relative and everyone has their opinion.