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  1. Here is the beginning of my new purse obsession/affection. Now I have some basic everyday bags and colors, I canstart to save and invest in some high end bags. I really just starting even thinking about purses about a month or two before I joined the purse forum. I actually carried the same Dooney for 5 years, then bought another and carried it another 5. Most all of these bags were purchased the last part of last year and this year. So it's not much, but it's almost all new!
    The bags are as follows:

    Dooney's, wallet & keyfob
    Braughman, wallet, coin purse, & key chain
    Coach wallet
    Coach signature, wallet & wristlet I use as a cosmetics bag.
    Chloe I got on vacation when hubby forgot anniversay - 10th! I picked my own gift!

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  2. Nice collection.:smile: I used to have a few brahmins too. They were geat bags. V
  3. You have a very nice collection!!! I LOVE your Braughmans!!!
  4. 00o0, inky paws nice collection! i totally think the pink on your coach bags is super cute!!!

    thanks so much for sharing!!!
  5. All your stuff is pretty, but I :love: your chloe. What's the name of the color? :smile:
  6. very nice collection. i love the story of how you got your Chloe =)
  7. I love your D&B AWL bags! My aunt had that same bag in navy :love:
  8. nice collection!!! i love the braughman bag!
  9. Very nice collection.
    LOVE your paddy!
  10. Love the paddy.. and the patchwork Coach is fabulous, especialyl since it has matching accessories !
  11. Thanks for the sweet comments. Here are the rest of my bags (I had to go to dinner while I waited for the thread to be approved before I could add the rest.)

    These are all purse I bought thanks to the purse forum.

    Banana Republic Tangiers - didn't know they had such nice bags!
    Botkier Trigger - never heard of Botkier before
    Kooba Sienna - never heard of Kooba before
    LV - Everyone here is so LV crazed I had to see what the fuss was about.
    Botkier - Stirrup

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  12. hehehe, have you used your kooba sienna yet?? the tag is still on it!!!

    i totally think your Botkier - stirrup is cute!!!! i like the size! and oh yes... totally love the LV piece!!!
  13. Here are a few more small pieces.

    Coach wallets - I'm trying to switch from a big checkbook to a smaller wallet.

    Issac M (Target cheapies - I wanted to see if I could carry a clutch)

    My beaded evening bags - nothing exciting. The red one my G'ma gave to me and is about 30 years old, never used.

    thanks for letting me share. It was good to get them out to take pictures and then stuff them all with tissue.

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  14. Wow that's a lot of bags for such short amount of time collecting. Very nice variety. Great collection!
  15. I have to admit that I haven't used any of the small Coach wallets yet, either of the Botkiers (saving them for spring), the LV I am totally underwhelmed over, I know I'm a minority here. I did just used the Kooba this weekend and I love the size. I'm currently switching back and forth (something I never did before) between the BR and the Kooba, can't get away from how much I love their size. The Chloe is also a great size and hold so much more that it looks like it would.

    Now I'm saving for a Chanel I think. I'd love a black tote for everyday and a small gray reissue for evenings out. Of course I love the Lg. Gucci horsbit hobo, a couple of new Marc Jacobs. so many bags and just too little money! Oh and a hot pink bag maybe the LV framboise or a magenta B bag?