Inky is gone! Khaki is still here

  1. Well my beloved inky is going to a new home. I do not know yet if it is a PFer, she hasn't told me yet. I had 41 people watching that auction and only one bidder. Anyway, Khaki didn't even get one measly bid out of 22 watchers! I just don't understand it....I though all 04 bags went quickly but I was wrong. Anywhoo....khaki is back on the chopping block so to speak, we'll see what happens. I did use part of my bbag sales proceeds to buy a new Dooney Pocket Sac in the new Vintage Leather. I swore I was such a bag snob I would not buy another Dooney, but desperate times ya know...*L* actually I really like the new Vintage Leather collection, can't wait to get it.

    Anyway...I am still a bbag owner for now.
  2. Hi Lori, congrats on your ink sale! about your khaki, i think you just need to find the right seller, and that may take some time. =D I'm glad you are still a b-bag owner. best of luck to you!
  3. Congrats on the sale. I know what you mean with having a lot of watchers. I had it with my LV. 18 watchers and nobody bought it so far so I'll relist it in the UK and U.S may be someone there wants it. Good luck on selling the khaki and congrats on your new bag. Post pics when it arrives..
  4. bye bye, inky!
    ebay is kind of unpredictable at times. good luck with the sale of your khaki though!
  5. :crybaby: bye bye inky!!!! safe travels!!!
  6. I've had auctions with over 40 watchers on balenciagas. and no bidders.
  7. My last auction had 22 watchers, no bidders. It can be so frustrating, but hang in there. The khaki is such a wonderful color...and all it takes is one bidder! Good luck!
  8. Thanks everyone. This morning I took my daughter to her first day of kindergarten and then went to the post office and shipped Inky. Obviously I am more emotional about my daughter, but overall it has been a sad morning for me. Well, I shouldn't say sad. More like bittersweet. Only my fellow pfers understand this stuff, thanks so much ya'll!
  9. Aw, Lori... yep, very much a bittersweet day for you. I definitely understand!
  10. HUGS!!!! I totally understand Lori!!! My son is going to kindergarten in 2 weeks and I will be all emotional too!!!- and to have to part with your inky on the same day!!!:crybaby: Hang in there!!!
  11. Hey LoriB,
    As others said, hang in there! A lot of people selling great bags have to re-list, and sometimes prolonged exposure is all that's needed to find the right new owner for your bag! I think there have been some serious distractions lately, with the Le Dix and '04 Classique auctions. So hopefully things will settle down, and attention can be re-directed your way!
    Who knows? Maybe in the interim something will happen, and you will find you're able to keep it.