Inky Goes to the Spa

  1. Today I treated my Inky to a special beauty treatment, because she was looking a little dry and thirsty. I ordered the Balenciaga care kit from LMB and gave everything a try!

    First I used the cleaner, which smells nice and lemony. Even though Inky didn't seem particularly dirty, it did lift some dirt! It also made her really soft and matte. Then I tried the "Pre-Treatment", which is a protectant sort of thing, which sort of smoothed everything out. I put "For Handles Only" on the handles, which is supposed to clean them and block oils. Finally, I applied the Shine Restore, which really did make her shiny again! I sort of liked the matte finish, but I thought I'd give this a least I know how to make her matte again if I want to. I did leave the underside of the strap matte though, to try to keep it from slipping off my shoulder.

    Inky is now softer and shinier than she was, she smells nice, and her leather somehow feels a little thicker. The surface scratches she had are now gone, as are a lot of her wrinkles. It did deepen the color a little tiny bit, but I think it is more a restoration of her original color than anything else. The whole process took a little over an hour.

    Now for the photos: before, after the cleaner and pre-treatment, after the shine restore, and after with flash.
    ink_spa_1.jpg ink_spa_2.jpg ink_spa_3.jpg ink_spa_4.jpg
  2. Wow, that looks really great afterwards. Brand new and a bit shiny but all the character, good job!
    BTW, how much was the Bal kit?
  3. Exactly! She still has the funny little quirks that make her special, but she's smooth and soft and protected now.

    It was $50, which seems expensive to me, and the bottles of product are only 2 oz each. But, it does seem like a little goes a long way. I'd say I could get at least 4 or 5 uses out of the pre-treatment; maybe 8 or 10 out of the cleaner and shine restore, and many many more out of the For Handles Only (it's more like an ointment).
  4. wow, your inky looks amazing hippiechic, absolutely stunning, congrats on the LMB spa treatment :love:
  5. That is one gorgeous Ink you've got there! Thanks for the pics.

    Does the shine restore have a smell to it??
  6. Thanks for the info HC, your bag looks brand new - I think I will try the spa treatment on my Ink city.
  7. Glimmer, all of the products have a similar smell, it's kind of a soft baby-powder-lemony-floral. I'm really sensitive to scent (I can tell when someone in the car in front of me is smoking), but it's actually rather a nice smell. It's not chemical-ish at all.
  8. thanks for the pics. they seem to really make a difference! I've been debating about what to buy for my new bag. I didnt really want to spend $50, especially before seeing my bag. I think i might just order the pretreatment and the handles. but the shine..IT LOOKS AWESOME!
  9. wow, what a difference between the pre-treatment lotion and the shine restore lotion..i really like the matte look of the bag in the second pictures!
    will have to consider this LMB you think it can be used on a light colored bbag ? Like sky blue ?
  10. It looks beautiful hippiechic! :girlsigh: Thanks for sharing your experiment with us! I think I'll have to order some, too! :yes:
  11. inky looks so refreshed and pretty, after her visit to the spa! ;)
  12. wow! what a difference! It looks awesome! The leather looks positively thick and smooshy now! I have said I wouldnt treat my bags, but after seeing yours, I may have to now. Thanks for sharing! enjoy!
  13. Your inky looks absolutely gorgeous and "youthful" after her spa treatment !
  14. hellosunshine, I can't think of any reason why not, but I'd test it on a tassel or the bottom of the bag first, just to be sure you like the results. The directions with the cleaner and pre-treatment say that they may darken the leather temporarily, but will lighten again as it dries. It wasn't noticeable at all with the ink, but may be more so on the lighter colors. I had such good results with this, I may be brave enough to do my bubblegum pink city next!
  15. ohh do the bubblegum so I can see what it looks like!!! The ink city looks amazing!!