Inky and Pinky have a new baby sister!

  1. After seeing so many pretty pictures here, I had pretty much decided my next Bbag was going to be a fabulous RED one. But then this little eggplant baby came along, my Holy Grail of Bbag colors, and magically, at exactly the time I could afford her. It was meant to be! I truly had given up hope of finding one of these...but here she is!

    Because she's an 04 she's been gently pre-loved, but has been well cared for. She has a few imperfections, but I think it just adds to her personality. I was a little worried that the color would be too similar to Inky, but IRL it's not. This is my first First - the City is perfect for work, but I'd wanted a smaller size for going out to dinner and stuff...and it really is perfect! (Thank you to everyone who suggested it!) And...I almost can't believe this myself, but the eggplant leather is even softer than the bubblegum pink. :love: It's like buttah!

    So here are my new family pics - 06 Inky, 05 Pinky, and 04 Dreamy! ("Eggy," which my son suggested, just wasn't going to work). The first two photos are without flash, and the last one is with flash. Is this too many girly colors? I just love them all!
    bbag_family1.jpg bbag_family2.jpg bbag_family3.jpg
  2. WOW... :wtf: so jealous...
  3. drools... :smile:

    that eggplant is soo pretty!!! ... i love the color combination you have there!
  4. OOOOH! I love them all!
  5. urghh i loveeee your collection!!! I wanna dive in the pile haha and then run off with them of course. thanks for sharing!!
  6. Ohhhhhh Hippie congratulations on finding your dream bag! what a happy little family it is :beach:
  7. Congrats on the new bag! What a cute trio. :love:
  8. inky, pinky, dreamy are all so creamy , hot-n-steamy!!!! love eggy especially! :nuts:
  9. ROFL!:roflmfao:
  10. hippiechic, can i adopt your babies? i'm a REALLY good mother..even if i don't have kids, i just know i will be..seriously..think about this long and hard :graucho:

  11. hahaha.. and when eeyore is done , can dreamy cheat and be my Mr.McDreamy? :P
  12. :nuts: Honestly those are 3 of the most beautiful bags I have ever seen. Your ink seems like it has a lot of purple tones in it. They are just beautiful.:love:
  13. :drool: :drool:
  14. :flowers: :flowers: :welcome:
    hats off to the three gorgeous bags! what pretty colors--and they all do go together like a sweet family!
  15. Amazing!!!