inking issue

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  1. hey girls been looking through ebay today i saw a used blenheim in aqua that is in need of tlc by the looks of it however the seller claims she contacted mulberry to have the split inking repaired and they told her they do not do that shade anymore so were unable to help. i was just thinking of sj,s quest for an aqua roxy and what she would do if it ever needed to be inked up ?
    i never thought about this before hope this doesn't apply to the gorgeous lavender or any other colours that are from the normal oak/choc/blk

    what do you think ? xx
  2. I think the aqua Roxy is glove so perhaps that doesn't require treatment in the same way that aqua darwin would :confused1:

    I'm getting confused with all these aqua bags - I keep getting excited thinking "oooh, aqua Roxy" but then I realise that it's light blue, not turquoise a la aqua Mabel :Push::lol:
  3. I know the blenheim you mean bayley, its on my watch list. Its glove leather too. Now this is strange because they are obviously still making the aqua glove roxannes.... however I think that seller sells authentic stuff so I've no reason to doubt what she has written.

    Cant shed any light on it really, just wanted to add my two pence worth!

    That seller has some lovely roxannes and blenheims; I wonder if she is a TPF'er?!
  4. The Rox I have is glove leather,but I would defiantely say its a light aqua as opposed to light blue *thinking of aquamarine stones here* but as for getting ink off?? Mmm,dunno,and I thought my Blenheim was aqua darwin?? Mind you it was so long ago now,and I had it such a short space of time,I think I'm totally wrong.
  5. hi chaz think you got the wrong end of the stick with my post i am talking about the cracking of the piping due to wear and useage you know the bits around the edge of the leather known as inking xx
  6. Would it be possible to have a different colour of inking put on, if the original is really in a mess? My lemon Brooke has black inking, so even a contrasting colour can look good.