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  1. I got some of the blankets too!! Very cute and you just can't beat $5!!!

    Thanks Baga!! You're the best at finding the best deals!!
  2. Here's another link for you chloe!! I have searched and searched for gorgeous clothing for your baby boy, but I keep finding things for girls!! You were right! Check out the little girl on their home page. She is sooo cute...I would have to have a dozen just like her! You'll find some adorable things at this e-store!!
  3. thanks for this..i'm trying to pu together baby baskets for my two friends in waiting!
  4. Wow that's great! I have a cousin who's due in three months! Thanks!! :yes:
  5. Don't you love this website. The clothing is adorable and the sale is fantastic!!!
  6. Thanks! Such cute little baby clothes!