1. Be very careful with your handbags. Just received my red Birkin back from the Beverly Hills store where it has resided for three weeks.
    The bottom line...the black ink is better, but will never come off....
    so handle with care
  2. Thank you for sharing...glad it is better, but sorry it is not the way you would have liked it to be!

    I want to ask...what is the best pen to carry in your bag? Is it best to keep it in something? Right now I have mine in my makeup bag just in case, but I wondered.
  3. Oh LSE...I'm sorry about the ink. What type of leather is your Birkin?
  4. I feel your frustration!!!
    I can refer you to a company who can get rid of the ink and restore the color for you so it looks like new again. If you are interested!?
  5. Be careful to keep pens in a container...I usually care mine in a Vuitton case.
    I was careless.... flap fell inside purse and rubbed on an open pen.
    My purse is TOGO.
    Just remember to be careful.
  6. Ah, I totally feel for you. But glad it is somewhat better!!!
  7. oh, lse....i am sorry to hear about your birkin.......:crybaby:
  8. Oh no, Lse.....I'm so sorry - thank you for sharing with us though because I'm off to buy a pen-case. I carry fountain pens and that's scary enough!!!!!
  9. Thanks for the reminder. I try always to make sure my pens are closed, but it is hard to do.
  10. I do not carry pens. I always borrow one. My husband hates that. :shame:
  11. Thank you so much for the reminder ! What color is your bag ? I have seen these marks fade even more as time goes by, fingers crossed for you !

    I do keep my pens in a pen holder, but am really afraid of other people walking around with pens (or coffee ) ! Silly I know...

    Once, ages ago, I put a bottle of water in a former ostrich Birkin of mine, and the cap was not tightened ! By the time reached home and discovered it, there was a small swimming pool at the bottom of the bag ! But the good news was that it was ostrich, so I emptied the contents in the sink and dried out the interior with a towel. No damage whatsoever, not a mark or stain inside or out. One of the many reasons that I love ostrich !
  12. Dear LovinLeather....would love the name of the company....just to keep on file.
    Finally found a friend who will post my collection. Will take pix this coming weekend, get developed, and they should be up within the next 10 days.....
  13. I'm so sorry...:crybaby: Poor purse!
  14. Hi LSE,

    Sure, the company is "Lovin my Bags" :yes:

    Hope you never need to use them...but when accidents happen, they're great!
  15. Thanks LovinLeather...I'll remember that.