1. I need an ink bag. Does anyone know what styles of the bleeker will be available in it? I want to stop by the store tomorrow, is all the collection in the red book????
  2. LOL....I got worried for a minute...I thought maybe you had an ugly ink stain on one of your pretty bags....:shocked: !
  3. I thought that too! I was panicing wondering what bag she got ink on!

    I would LOVE to own an ink Coach bag. I think blue bags are my weakness over any other colors. Just trying to find good one is the hard part. I sure hope they dont miss the boat though, Navy is the fall/winters new black this year. It would be stupid if they missed it.
  4. I spoke with customer service recently about the upcoming Thompson line and the color ink and was told it is a blue/black. Looks black but when held just right has a blue sheen if that makes sense to you. It is more black than navy. Almost hard to tell the difference until you hold it up to the light. That's what I was told.
  5. oops, sorry for the panic!
  6. I knew what you were talking about!!!!:winkiss:
  7. [​IMG]
  8. Congrats! That's a beautiful color. I have been considering a bag in that color myself and would like to know if the color that appears in your picture is how it looks in real life? It does appear to be a nice shade of blue but is that because of the camera flash? Does it look more blue or black in real life?

    Customer service recently told me it was mostly black with a hint of blue when held just right. Do you agree with that description? Any feedback would be appreciated! Thanks.
  9. see my thread here: so you can see the difference in colors...sprinkles said it looked green, black and blue, so depending on the way the light hits it, it could be anything. mostly to me, it looks blue and black sometimes.
  10. Kels - that is a gorgeous shade! I am definitely getting something in that color! thanks!
  11. That will be a GREAT color for fall/winter!
  12. gosh, ink is niceeeee!
  13. Oh Donna! I am right there with you! Blue is my weakness!! I sold my ink Balenciaga so I MUST have it in Coach now!! :hysteric: