Ink work Vs Antracite work

  1. I love both colors but which color should I get?
    Ladies~ help~:confused1:
  2. wow, that is a tough one...
    i guess it depends on what you like and what they look like. for me, my anthrawork is beyond gorgeous - thick juicy leather with really beautiful blue undertones. i've never seen ink IRL, but the one's i have seen i prefer the non-veiny purplish hue better than the blue-blue.

    have any pics for us to compare?
  3. Ink is a gorgeous color but just based on leather alone, I prefer Anthracite. I've had both and the anthracite both color and leather just blows me it's very versatile. My Ink that I had was very purple and I found it limiting.
  4. Anthracite. All the inks I've seen have been too purple for me.
  5. another vote for anthra!
  6. anthracite because of the yummy leather!
  7. I saw Crackers GGH Anthracite work pictured with her "collections to keep" post... and the color on the Anthracite just blew me away... I didn't know it was Anthracite until I read the description. So my vote is for Anthracite. And thanks to that picture...(sad to say.. but it was soo beautiful) I had to get one!!... :tender:
  8. ^^ glad I could help you spend some money, oogie!

    I've had three anthracites this season. Here's some photos to help (persuade) you ..........

    Anthra RH Work


    Anthra RH City (look at the leather on this bag......absolute perfection)


    Here's a pic comparing the two colors, ink and anthra

  9. this is what my anthrawork looks like:


    makes me :drool: every time i look at it :p
  10. Cracker... you take some awesome.. pictures!!! Love the backround & lighting!! ;)
  11. ^^ thanks!
  12. I have both colours and love both, but have to say the leather on my anthracite was much yummier, thick and luscious.
  13. Thank you ladies~~ :heart:
    cracker (THanks for pics..)
    Even though I love both colors..I totally agree with you all (Anthracite leather is so nice`):tup:
  14. Another vote for Anthracite:heart:

    I love my Anthra so much so that I'm even thinking about getting another Anthra!:nuts:

    Here's my gorgey girl:heart:

  15. I also vote anthracite based on the fact the I like the 07 leather more - squishy, squishy!