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  1. Barney's in Chestnut Hill, MA! There has been so much talk about the ink I thought I would post this!

    The ink work and twiggy they had on display were BEAUTIFUL! They had nice leather- barely visable veinyness- very pretty!

    Also had a really pretty camel work on display.

    They had an ink and black courier.

    2 Camel afternoons that were super pretty.

    I can't remember everything but ask and I'll try and remember!

    Also had rouille twiggy, work and a first.

    Truffle bags were really pretty- also griege looked beautiful too!
  2. No purses, though?
  3. oh geez, it would be AWESOME if i could get my hands on that INK twiggy!!! hehehehehe!!!
  4. No purses! I asked and they said no!
  5. thanks, zacorey! did they happen to say anything about a day?
  6. ^^ helen-girl, is your avatar a b-bag (?) :shrugs:
  7. helen, get it!!!!!!! it's THE sign you have been looking for!!!!!!!!
  8. Do you mean an ink day? If so I didn't see one but you can call and ask b/c they had to pull the ink courrier out from the back! You never know!

    Helen~ are you looking for the ink twiggy??? I didn't know! It's so nice!!! Hardly any veinyness but it was shiny- I don't know how you like the Bbag leather to be.
  9. Why I love my Mom..... she borrowed my white twiggy to go to a meeting today. I told her an ink would be nice and I said that she should get it and I can borrow it. I told her it's not a blue blue, its more blackish blue and emailed her some pics from TPF. Well, she called and got the twiggy. :yahoo: I can't wait to see it up close and personal and I hope it's not really blue or she will never trust me again. :P
  10. Is the ink as nice in twiggy as it is in city and first?
  11. OMG! You bought it!!!!!!!!:yahoo: Tell me what your mom thinks when she gets it! I think your mom will love it!
  12. Awww, thanks, zac, so sweet for you to offer. I'll give them a call myself. I came across a gorgeous ink purse - the best leather I've ever seen in ink! - but passed because in the end I really wanted a day... so now I'm on the hunt for an ink day... sigh.. here I go again!
  13. I just went to Barney's in Boston and no inks there! They had barely any Bbags!:sad: I have to say that they had the most incredible black courier! The leather was awsome! They also had the most gorgeous camel first! I put it on hold for a PFer but she's not buying it so if anyone wants it PM me and I'll tell you who the SA was. It's on hold till Thursday.

  14. can I ask where you saw the Ink Purse???
  15. Hmm... I think her avatar is a turtle... in a B-bag maybe? :graucho: