Ink Work or Twiggy at Barney's?

  1. i really want to get ahold of this colour before it's totally gone... do any of you know if there are any more ink works and twiggys left at Barneys or any other stores?
  2. Barneys NY in Chicago HAD an Ink Work last weekend...
  3. "Barney's" in nyc had an ink twiggy out on display last weekend!!! :wlae:
  4. When I went to Barneys NY this previous weekend they had black and this charcoaly color and the quilted bbag
  5. EEEP! how did these ink bags look? nice leather? crappy leather?
  6. Barney's Chestnut Hill, MA has ink an work! The leather looked good. How do you like the leather to be? Matte? Veiny?
  7. the twiggy i saw looked nice & a bit veiny (but most inks are like that) ;)
  8. wow thanks so much you guys! i prefer it to be shiny but not too veiny... not like that marbley and papery texture
  9. also, which do you guys think i should choose? work or twiggy? i already have a blueberry twiggy... but i have no work bags at all... but lindsay's ink twiggy looks so cool
  10. They are 2 totally different styles! Have you seen the work IRL?
  11. i think i've seen the work in real life but never got a really good look at it. i'm just afraid of being redundant if i get a twiggy in this colour though, but it's def the style i'd get if i didn't have a blueberry... how do you think this looks in a work vs twiggy?
  12. I just recently got an Ink twiggy shipped from Barney's NY. When I spoke to the SA last Monday, they had Ink in first, box and work, 1 of each.
  13. welp, if you've already got a blueberry twiggy, i'd get an ink work :yes:
  14. Barneys Beverley Hills has a couple of Inks.
  15. If I were you I would go to the store and test the work size out before deciding which to buy. I love big bags but since the size of the work is way bigger then the twiggy I'd hate for you to regret buying the work.