Ink work anywhere?

  1. Does anyone know where I can find this? I saw the grenat color IRL, and it was a weekender, I'm not sure if I love the shiny material, it makes it a bit plastic-kie...
    I saw an ink (the sa said it's a runway bag, no idea what it meant) but that was the color for me!!!
    Where can I find an Ink Work bag??? Dept store or boutique with an exchange policy pls!

    not a green person, so sapin is out.

    not sure what india blue looks like and if i don't order it now, i prob won't get it. :sad:

    does anyone has the current list of what aloha carries and pm me? Thanks!!

    continue my search..
  2. I think Cultstatus has an Ink Work
  3. Neiman Marcus in Paramus, NJ had lots of ink bags last week. I'm almost 100% sure there was a work available. You might want to give them a call.
  4. Yes, Cultstatus did, as of yesterday, have an Ink courier AND a WORK!!! Go get it!!!

    AR has no Ink;-( Don't know beyond that...
  5. No Ink anything at NM Paramus, I was there yesterday
  6. I'm so indecisive. I dont have loads of money to buy a new color every season, so i guess it's okay.

    So now, I'm down to

    grenat, (are all shiny ??)
  7. OT but did they have any new fall b bags?
  8. BLUEBERRY!!! :wlae:
  9. they got a couple in yesterday. Grenat work and Purse, Blueberry Work and day. A few greens and they still had a bunch of Truffles. Doesn't look like the Truffle is moving too fast. There were a bunch at Short Hills the prior day. (Guess you can tell where I spend all my time)
  10. Does Ink go well with all colors? cream, brown, black suits?

    Jeans?? Barneys found one for me!!!
  11. hey fayewolf! the ink city is my only bbag (yet) and the first one i bought. i loooove it. the color is so beautiful and versatile and goes with A LOT! in different lights it can look either purple, deep blue, or black. i would say the only colors it wouldn't really go with would be reds and pinks....
    go for the ink!!!!
  12. hi peanut,okie doke. :smile:


    do you consider that color that "pops"?
  13. doesn't 'pop' in the same way that blueberry does. i would say it is more of an interesting, more subtle color.
    interesting because it's like getting 3 bags in one because of the color shifts and subtle because the color doesn't scream at you when you see it. ink is definately unique but its more of a whisperer than a screamer..
    hope that helps! rambling....
  14. totally agree - get a BLUEBERRY work!!! hehehe!