Ink - what's so special about it???

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  1. Everyone here seems to really love the ink - why? What makes it so special vs. a black or a navy bag? I need an :idea: moment about this one.
  2. What attracts me to ink is the blue with the purplish tones. I'm a big fan of these two shades as I have a cool-toned wardrobe. For me, it's eye catching but also more special than plain black or navy -- just unique. I've yet to see it IRL but I'll share my thoughts once my shrug arrives.
  3. IT CHANGES COLOR ... really it does!

    When i first got it i was in my office it seemed darkblue/black-ish... after taking it out under the sun, it seemed purply.. Very unique!
  4. I don't have one....YET...but I like it because every pic I have seen it has different colors within different lights. Also, I think everyone is wild about it is because this is the last of that color this season.
  5. does this go with black? or jeans?
  6. I think it would go with both!
  7. i love my ink work since it looks like a deep purple in the sunlight. purple is my favourite colour.
  8. I like ink because I consider it a "classic staple with a twist". In some lighting it's so dark it could almost pass for black, and then in other lighting it's got a gorgeous purply hue.

    It's almost like getting two bags in one! I love how unique and chameleon-like it is.
  9. I love my ink bag because it goes with everything... I haven't put on one single outfit that it hasn't matched! It's a beautiful and unique pseudo-neutral. Makes a great first bbag (it was my first one ever and i :heart: it forever) because you get the benefit of selecting a colour instead of just plain black (and Balenciaga is known for their colours) and you don't have to worry about handle darkening... any :idea: moment yet?

  10. Almost. I will post pics of it "on" me and get some more opinions. thanks!
  11. Great description - my 1st bbag as well !!!!
  12. I like it because of a few reasons:

    You really do not have to worry about the handles darkening.
    It goes with just about everything.
    It really changes color. It is not a navy bag but an ink blue with purple undertones. It can go from almost black in low light to a inky color to a vibrant blue purple in the sun.
  13. Right on! Ink is amazing! I can wear it with EVERYTHING!
  14. messengerbaglover - if you want a bag the color of that photo, then go with this season's marine. I've seen ink and its really gorgeous, but it has a lot of purple undertones. I need a navy bag and that bag wasn't navy enough for me. However, I do like the color enough that I plan on getting a bag in that color and the marine.

    A year ago I had been dreaming of a "blackened" plum. The ink was exactly what I had envisioned. Not too purple, but just enough.
  15. Great! I thought I wanted a black city but now maybe an ink? Sounds really pretty. I'll have to go and check out all the colors again. Thats what I love about b-bags the most I think. All the beautiful colors.