Ink vs. Vert d'Eau - which one wins?

  1. so i've reached a place where i've really got to narrow down the bags on my wishlist to one - unfortunately, i can't afford more at the moment! so, if you were me, what would you vote for as a good choice of bag - INK city/day or VERT D'EAU city/day?

    i love the day but i've already had a few of them and i ought to try other styles. i haven't yet owned a city. but days still never fail to tempt me, they are so practical and understated chic.

    if you prefer one colour over the other, why? which do you think will wear better? i wear a lot of neutrals. your opinions much appreciated! :heart:
  2. Vert D'eau for suureee! I have it in a city and it's my favourite bag! :smile:
  3. Vert d'eau - IMO ink is overrated!
  4. sammydoll,

    can i ask how often you use it? does it show dirt easily? do you feel you have to BABY this colour?

    thanks :smile: - fellow gemini!
  5. ink if you don't have dark color! but for collection, i will do Vert d'eau!
  6. The Vert one--- it's soooooo pretty and I haven't seen leather on any Vert that is crinkly..... (but I'm sure I can be proven wrong- just haven't seen any yet)
  7. Personally I would go for vert d'eau, just because none of the Ink bags I've seen IRL have been that impressive to me, and I'm more of a green person that a blue person.
  8. I think it really depends on what clothes you normally wear. I am in jeans 90% of the time so I would definitely go for the Ink. I honestly can't think of any time I would ever use a green bag but that's just me. I think the Vert d'Eau is gorgeous but just not practical for my wardrobe/lifestyle.

    The Ink would be more versatile for me.
  9. I'd go with the vert d'eau! It is such a stunning color!!
  10. I also wear alot of neutrals, and I don't think that the Vert d'eau would compliment neutrals as well as an Ink would.

    Ink city gets my vote!
  11. I am going to be the odd girl out, but I would vote for an Ink City! I have it, and love it! It is by far one of the most versatile bags year round!

    But vert d'eau is beautiful as well, so you really can't go wrong either way!
  12. sounds like u need a city!
    Colours wise... hmm if you are feeling bold go with Vert d'eau, but if u want a bag that is more versitile, go with Ink! It really depends if u need a lighter or darker bag in your wardrobe, and your personality, because the Vert is quite youthful and trendy and the Ink seems more mature and practical! :graucho:
  13. i vote for ink city! love vert deau too but i returned my twiggy after seeing how light the color is. i knew i would never be able to keep that bag clean in the long run. good luck in your decision. can't go wrong with either one because they are both great choices.
  14. I'd go with the INK City. It's more versatile and a great color.
  15. Do you already have black? IMHO, you cannot go wrong w/ VD, but I am partial. I love my precious VD city. Ink and VD are so different though, I wouldn't be able to choose, unless you already have a dark neutral like black.