ink twiggy!

  1. i've finally decided... i JUST ordered an ink twiggy!!! i asked the SA to pick out the one with the thickest leather they had and she said it should only take a couple days for me to receive. she also informed me that the twiggy, box and purse will be discontinued temporarily in the future!!
  2. YAY! PINKPIRATE!!!! Congrats on your bag!!!!!!!!
  3. thanks so much for your help zacorey :smile:
  4. I'm so glad you got a bag you know will be great for you!!!!:yahoo: Post pics when you get it!
  5. YAY!!!!!! That is an excellent choice and I can't wait to see yours.

    Interesting that she said they'll be discontinued temporarily??
  6. Congrats PinkPirate.

    In the meanwhile, let me post pics of my new ink twiggy to hold you over! She's just been here 3 days, settling in nicely!
    inktwiggy_wm.jpg inktwiggy2_wm.jpg
  7. Just gorgeous ... love the ink! If I only had the funds ...
  8. thanks everyone! tods123 your twiggy is GORGEOUS. i hope mine is just as pretty!! regarding the discontinuation... maybe its just Barney's that won't be buying them next season? who knows... but i hope it's not true cos i LOVE the twiggy!
  9. WOO HOO, pinkpirate! Congrats!! :yahoo: Can't wait to see pics of your ink twiggy!! :nuts: :nuts:

    Tods123 - Yours is gorgeous! :heart:
  10. congrats, I just loooove the color
  11. Ink is such a beautiful colour.
    I would love a First or a City in it.
  12. I love ink! It's a gorgeous colour and so easy to wear! Congratulations Pinkpirate!
  13. Congratulations! Ink is a great color and the Twiggy is such a cute style.
  14. :drool:
    the INK twiggy! so yummy!!!! :nuts:
  15. congrats!