Ink Twiggy: to keep or not to keep?

  1. HI ladies,

    I am a little torn about my new Ink Twiggy. In some light (outside, direct/ indirect sunlight), she is lovely and dark blue, purply, absolutely squiddy! and I love her. Indoors and flourescent light, she seems so blah and loses all her squiddy vibrance, she's just a navy colour. I purchased her from Barney's NY, so I have the option of returning her. I have not removed the inside tag yet. I am just not sure if she will be a grow-to-love bag. The SA did a fabulous job of getting me an all over veiny one, all evenly matched!

    I am also concerned that I don't wear enough colours to match with her. Greys, both light and dark, white, cream, khaki. I don't see wearing her with browns, greens, black. Do those of you with Inks wear yours with browns, greens, blacks? Have I left out other colours that the Ink looks smashing with??

    I already have a Cornflower and I can't see any colour the Ink would go with, when I couldn't wear the Cornflower. Are they too similar (apart from one being far lighter in colour.)

    I have attached many pictures, on my monitor, they are true to life colours. Photos 1, 2 & 4 are outside, direct sunlight. Photo 3 is outside, indirect sunlight. Photo's 5 & 6 are indoor, fluorescent light.

    I wish you well,

    Ink Twiggy 01.jpg Ink Twiggy 02.jpg Ink Twiggy 03.jpg Ink Twiggy 04.jpg Ink Twiggy 05.jpg Ink Twiggy 06.jpg
  2. those are the colors I would suggest wearing INK with... I love love LOVE the color on ink its sooo amazing. I love that it oscillates between blue and black and purple. Its the most amazing color ever! No other bbags do that that I've ever seen! Its a different bag in every light!

    I say def. keep it!
  3. I love the color of INK, however if you aren't feeling it, get rid of it. There is no room for half love for a 1100 bag.
  4. Brigitte
    I think the Ink is a very versatile color. I wear it with black all the time and it looks fantastic.
  5. Bridget, the ink is a beautiful color and I use it with greens (grass,khaki, forest), mauves/pinks, burgundy, reds (including corals & oranges), yellow/mustard, beige/tan/gold, blues, plum, brown, etc... There really isn't much I would not wear it with. BUT, that said... if you would use your cornflower with anything you would also use your Ink AND you would always choose your cornflower to use over picking out the Ink one, then I would return the ink and go for another non-blue color. I went through a similar process when I had both the whiskey & then tan Paddy. I returned the tan because I liked the whiskey more and would always have chosen that (both went with the same things). :smile:
  6. I am so colour conservative :shame: Golden, I can't see wearing the ink with a forest green. Ever : )

    Thanks for the opinions ladies! Kind as ever!

    I wish you well,

  7. Very well put. I could not agree more!
  8. Bridget, I am also a bit "colour conservative" (though am trying to branch out a bit...) and had the same feelings about ink. I sold my ink bag with no regrets as I had other bags I tended to grab first and ink was a bit of a "forced choice" for me. I later saw a more beautiful ink at a local boutique and almost purchased it again... Of course, then the fall colors came out and I am now experiencing a new overload...
  9. I have both as well a ink city and a cornflower first and I use the ink more often because IMo she's more neutral than the cornflower plus the leather on my ink is much nicer but that's just a personal preference.
  10. i think you should keep it!
    the ink is such a unique color and actually is more "neutral" than cornflower. for that reason, i think you can literally wear it with any color (except for green since that makes you uncomfortable!).
  11. i myself not a fans of this colour, but it's yours to decide :P
  12. I actually love wearing my ink with any shades of green, I think it brings out the purply undertones more, I just :love: it! I also wear it with black, and any bright colors. But I'm also not so mitchy matchy & not color-conservative at all, so I guess I don't really count lol. I personally loooove the ink, I think the color's magical, but it's personal choice too... if you're not in love with it, return it, get something else you're in love with :yes:
  13. ditto :girlsigh: ^^
  14. double ditto ^^ ;)
  15. If you don't love it don't keep it. That said. I cannot tell you how excitd I am for my Ink Twiggy to be delivered. Seeing your photos have made me fall in love w/ that color all over again.