ink twiggy STOLEN after I had it for 1 hour

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  1. Gals. I took my brand new twiggy that I got at 2pm today out for a spin. went to the post office to drop off a letter (less than 1 min) and came back to find my car window smashed and my twiggy stolen! I AM SO STUPID to have left her there while I mailed a letter, but i was in an affluent neighborhood in broad daylight with people nearby, and i didn't feel like taking her out while I dropped off the letter.

    It's GONE!

    The only thing I have left is the strap, that I took off before I went to the post office.

    So is my LV wallet, credit cards, ID, cell phone, everything.

    Now I really think I have bad luck with balenciagas. I'm going to be selling all of them, including my skyblue hobo, and my shrugs. I am Soooo very heartbroken and depressed right now, it's not even funny. I finally found the bag that I really want, and it's just gone now.
  2. Total bummer! Feel better soon.
  3. That is awful! I'm so sorry. Did anyone witness it?
  4. OMG! That's terrible! **HUGS**
  5. I'm sorry to hear that...:sad: hope the police will catch the thief :rant:
  6. i'm just so depressed right now i'm numb.
  7. Sorry to hear :wtf: I hope you have insurance.
  8. 3 witnesses all in the parking lot, this guy had guts man cause there were so many people around and it was 3 in the afternoon. i doubt it will be recovered.
  9. no insurance for the bag.
  10. Oh, didi, I am so sorry. I can't imagine how you are feeling and hope he gets caught:crybaby:
  11. How in gods name did no one see this at the POST OFFICE?? Mine is always busy! I bet there are security cameras there. Did you file a police report?? So sorry this happened!!
  12. Homeowners covers that kind of theft I believe. Check it out!!!
  13. omg, i can't believe this happened to you in broad daylight! that guy has some NERVE! i'm so so so sorry to hear that....
    please don't let this ruin your love of balenciaga bags!!
    sending you best wishes...
  14. i am so sorry it happened to you.
  15. selena, sorry i haven't mailed your bag yet, i was about to but this thing happened.

    i think i'll check out my homeowners. but it didn't happen at my home.
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