Ink twiggy or other style

  1. Anyone one seen an ink twiggy lately? Any other ink styles that you've seen and would recommend? Thanks!
  2. yes - my INK twiggy! hhehehehehe j/ks! what a meanie!!!

    i think the Barneys Store in MA has one left... cant be too sure though
  3. I sent one back to Barney's two weeks ago. When I bought it there were three or four of them but they were all in the back.
  4. HelenNZ: Which Barneys in MA, there are two?

    Glimmer: Which Barneys?

  5. Oops, sorry, Barney's Beverly Hills. :smile: I'll add though, that I didn't like the leather on it and the handles were wrinkly on the underside.
  6. Barneys BH had some Ink boxes a while back, all awful and veiny. They looked like plastic they were so shiny.
  7. Donna, yeah, that's kinda how my Twiggy was. I've seen worse, but I just did not love it.. and my SA picked out the best out of the four they had.
  8. There is an INK first on ebay I think. It looks pretty nice but I am not sure what the seller means by professionally cleaned. I would ask before bidding
  9. I think your best bet would be to look on ebay if you want a bag with nice leather since all the ones in Barney's have awful leather.

  10. hey ya!
    Once i get home from work I'll check the docket for ya and let you know! :graucho:
  11. i found great stuff on ebay...maybe u should check it out :smile:
  12. Went to Barneys NYC yesterday and today. They had quite a few styles in Ink left :

    First (veiny)
    Twiggy (1 left)
    Box ( looks pretty good)
    Mid afternoon/Afternoon (not sure which one, I glanced briefly on the wall)

    I also saw a beautiful, smooshy, thick and non veiny greige & black office.
  13. I agree! A lot of the inks that have popped up on Ebay have been TDF! You could save some money too. I got the best ink ever on Ebay from a PFer. :happydance:
  14. I would buy any INk you can get thats got nice leather and not too veiny. I only have one Ink and I really want it in other styles too...eventually I guess!
  15. Thanks for the report jydeals1. How did the twiggy look?